With Halloween just around the corner, CVS is full of “scary deals” on giant bags of candy, and the fun size candy bars are popping up in offices and neighborhoods across America. What other American holidays allow you to go door-to-door and receive free food? Answer: none of them. But free candy at a door isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, the candy you receive was not even worth the trudge up a 20 foot long driveway. With this thought in mind, Serious Eats recently published their list of the Top Ten Worst Halloween Candy. Additionally, other blogs, such as Food Fight, having been weighing in with obvious nominees, such as these:

The Serious Eats list of the ten worst contains a few items you would expect to make the list, such as these orange, white and yellow “treats”, or as I like to call them, concentrated evil in candy form:

However, the list is lacking some of America’s worst candy, perhaps because even though they are popular, they aren’t typically associated with Halloween. I’m thinking here about two of the most foul and disgusting candy creations to ever grace the planet earth:

So Good readers, I’m looking for you to weigh in on this one. What is the worst Halloween candy out there?

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  1. Youppi

    worst halloween candy is when instead of candy, people give you pennies. Thanks for the 12 cents, I’ll go buy nothing.

    ok, actual candy? probably misc. old people hard sucking candy. just hook up some m&m’s or some snickers, people!!!

  2. Megan

    I say the candy pumpkins are as bad as the candy corn.
    These too are equally craptastic: the filled caramels
    The peanut butter chew and DOTS

  3. Jon

    I feel like circus peanuts are the worst, because they look so good! I always expect them to taste like creamcicles not orange colored vinyl car seats.

  4. Looking Glass

    OKAY Lol, I agree with Hillary on this one. Those ‘special candies’ you know, the ones that have no brand, no writing and come in various, mainly darkly coloured wrappers. The twisty kind. Then you open them only because you ate all the good stuff but you want your sugar high and dont want to waste all of your 2-hour trekking for treats.

    They taste like the taint of a bull elephant. But worse.

  5. Snarling Coyote

    I write this sucking on a Dum-Dum, eyeing a bag of Necco wafers, thinking fond thoughts about trading some with my mom for her Good n’ Plenty.

    None of these candies is for the unexperienced palate, I’ll grant, but there are those of us out there who prefer them.

  6. Caroline

    Dots happen to be the WORST candy they can give us. I don’t even eat them, I just throw them in the garbage.

  7. Denise

    L&O SVU explicitly states that candy corn is the corn of choice for pedos. I think I’ve made my point.

    Also: Necco wafers are not the same as smarties. Smarties suck the life out of my mouth and taste like sour. Neccos taste like nothing. It’s like a desert full of sterile nothing.


  8. rianee

    i think twislers and licorish and circis peanuts and i hate dots also good and plenty

  9. starfish

    i hate butterfinger and bon bon bum because butterfinger has too much butter and i hate that and bon bon bum has a sugerey inside so when i tried to eat it it tasted terrible .If you come to my house you can still see a jarful of those things plus some stuff i hate

  10. starfish

    ohh yeah i still have my old candy from two years ago and about 6 years ago when I hated fruitroll-ups but now i eat them everyday

  11. DK

    Good and Plenty are good you just have to get used to them. I hate when they tell you to grab 1 candy per person. Probably DOTS and Tootsie Rolls are the lamest.


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