I ate a lot of Hamburger Helper as a kid. Much like I vowed to never drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade after the age of 21, I have sworn off Hamburger Helper in adulthood. I just don’t really see a reason for it to pass my precious lips. It is weird, synthetic, and frankly, that talking plush hand in the commercials freaks me out.

But one always feels their childhood calling them back home. So, when I passed this single serving, microwavable version of Hamburger Helper in my neighborhood Giant, I could not resists this siren call of my childhood. I had to try it.

Smell: It smells like Hamburger Helper…with a bit of a styrofoam edge. I actually thought it would smell worse. I love pleasant surprises.

Texture/Appearance: Did any of you have betta fish as a kid? Come on…I am sure you begged your mom and she gave in, knowing it was a much better option than a hamster. So, the brownish-grey pellets that bettas eat? That is exactly what the rehydrated “beef” in this hamburger helper looks like. And it ate it, despite it looking like flash frozen fish meal. It felt kinda chewy, but…

Taste: …the taste wasn’t so bad. I mean, it tasted like Hamburger Helper. I think much like licorice or cilantro, Hamburger Helper is an acquired taste, but luckily, junk food lust is in my blood. I am sure there was an obscene amount of chemicals in this, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Final Verdict: I think it may have benefited from extremely low expectations, but either way, it really wasn’t so bad. I can think of a million things worse than this; I would eat it if I had to. I would just avoid looking at it…or thinking about exactly what rehydrated beef contains.  It really is best for everyone involved.


Lemmonex writes about food, life, and her unbelievably silky hair almost daily at her blog, Culinary Couture.

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  1. I-66

    I actually have eaten this, and you’re right, it’s not that bad. It does settle like a rock in my stomach, but taste wise it wasn’t terrible.

  2. Peeparazzo

    Whoa, wait a second. I thought the idea of Hamburger Helper was to help the hamburger you already had at your house, lingering around like an out of work sister (for example, just saying). There are chunks of dehydrated meat in there!!?? GROSS. And, since when does hamburger helper looks yellow? I thought it was all red and sloppy-joe-ish? You are a strong brave woman Lem.


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