“NEW!” screams the box of High School Musical Cereal.

That one word caught my eye. This doesn’t seem to be a limited edition cereal or a promotion with an expiration date, but a NEW! edition to the Kellogg cereal family. Does the company think that High School Musical really has staying power? Do they think, 15 years from now, my children will sing along to timeless classics such as “Bop to the Top” and “Get’cha Head in the Game?” The marketing of this product intrigued me more than anything; I needed to see if this was a cereal that could endure the test of time.

Smell: There was none, which interestingly enough, would prove to be very prophetic.

Texture/Appearance: Texturally, the mouth feel of this cereal is exactly like Cap’n Crunch. The cereal is shaped like stars, with about two-thirds a yellowy-orange color while the remaining stars are a pinkish red. Most noteworthy is the white colored specks covering every piece of cereal. I am assuming these flecks represent vanilla  as the cereal is described as “sweetened vanilla-flavored corn cereal packed with STAR POWER!” Of course, vanilla flavor must be visually represented, yes?

Taste: So, lets get back to the description on the box…sweetened vanilla-flavored corn cereal packed with STAR POWER! What, pray tell, does star power taste like? I was actually excited to learn the flavor of star power; how would blood, sweat, tears and gumption feel on my tongue? Apparently, STAR POWER! is tricky wicket; this cereal tasted like nothing. Seriously, it had a very mild sweet flavor, but it was pure sugar. The vanilla-flavoring was asleep at the wheel and while the cereal felt like Cap’n Crunch, it sure didn’t taste like it. I was absolutely baffled at the lack of…taste.

Final Verdict: No amount of STAR POWER! can save this garbage. Just like High School Musical, it is bland and lacking in anything original. I would say this cereal stays on the market for about as long as Zac Efron is the next big thing.


Lemmonex writes almost daily about food, life and her unwavering allegience to pigz in blanketz on her blog, Culinary Couture.

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  1. Peeparazzo

    We have to get you back on the grossy-gross track here…can you try something for me please? I was in the grocery store on Sunday and saw a product and actually thought to myself “who would even try this???” And lucky for you, your name popped into my head.
    Ready??? Tostitoes Creamy Salsa. (hint:don’t look for it on a refrigerated aisle)

  2. lemmonex

    Hannah! I have written about these…yet have yet to try them. You can only buy these in packs of 12 and I am super duper scared to have them in my house. I know I will like them, frankly. Give me a few beers and I will be tearing the box open with my teeth at 2 in the morning…..


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