Remember when you were little and your coaches and parents told you that in order to be a great athlete you had to “practice, practice, practice,” take care of your body and eat well? Well apparently, those were all lies and all that you really need is some sugar. Yep, it’s the sugar highs that drive our athletic superstars to world champion status.

Michael Phelps “goes to great lengths” for his Frosted Flakes, Shawn Johnson “flips out” over tacos and now the Williams sisters and the Manning brothers and battling it out to become DSRL champs (thats Double Stuff Racing League for those of you not in the know).

Well, it’s certainly nice to know that I can throw all that practice crap out the window and trade it in for a box of Frosted Flakes, some taco fixin’s and a bag of Oreo’s! 2010 Olympics, here I come!

Editors addition from Eick: I’m actually totally digging this ad. It’s rare that companies get this much star power in the same ad and don’t screw it up in some way or another. From the mock rivalry between the Mannings and the Williams siblings, to the behind the scenes footage of them trash talking each other, this ad definitely delivers. Plus, the giant dancing Oreo in the workout clothes is fairly hilarious. The DSRL website is also surprisingly well thought out and put together, describing the “history” behind the DSRL:

The site also encourages you to be interactive, by creating your own personalized “Yobble.”

Fun. Seems like a big-name, big-budget way to get people talking about Double Stuff Oreos – plus, the TV ad is still somewhat ambiguous in describing exactly what the Double Stuff Racing League is, which should lead people to Google to search for the website and find out.

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