Last week, in a ravenous post-workout daze, I stumbled in to CVS. I was desperately in need of something, anything to eat. Not wanting to blow all the efforts at the gym, I scoured the aisles for a somewhat healthier alternative to a Snicker’s bar. In the food aisle, next to my beloved Circus peanuts and the tempting whispers of Ring Dings, I found these Pringles Honey Butter Stix. Definitely strange, but at 90 calories and 3 grams of fat per serving, I was willing to take a chance on them.

Smell: A faint synthetic butter smell wafts from the package…and I kind of like it.

Texture/Appearance: They are skinny, tubular little cracker type sticks that snap nicely when you bite in to them. As they are “whole wheat”, they are a light tan color. Though I can appreciate that Pringles is attempting to go with the whole wheat/grain frenzy sweeping this country, the flecks of salt and sugar on this product remind you this is in no way health food. Good try though, Pringles.

Taste: Full disclosure…I used to eat butter as a kid. (Yes, I had a weight problem.) I found the really intense butter flavor of these “stix” to be fake, processed…and delicious. At first, the sweet honey flavor hits you hard, and then the buttery goodness is a full on assault. There is nothing really natural about it, but that’s ok. My roomie, for what it is worth, hated these, but this synthetic treat tasted like white trash heaven to me.

Final verdict: I ate all of these with unabashed glee. I loved them. Seriously, there was some sort of disconnect going on in my brain with these; I knew I should find them repulsive, but they made my little heart sing. Two snaps for these.


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  1. Jenny

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m moderately obsessed with these things. My dad works for P&G, so I got to product-test them a couple years ago, and I actually thought they never made it to stores until I found them the other day. I ate the whole box in one sitting.


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