Redi-Whip is one of my guilty little pleasures. I have been known to spray the stuff right in to my mouth as I stand in front of the fridge. Sure, it’s kind of trashy, but it is darn tasty.

When I saw the ads for Cool Whip in a Can, I was intrigued. Doesn’t Redi-Whip already have the market cornered on aerosol dairy topping? My friend B also made a fantastic point as we pondered this one day: “It must be tough to admit to yourself you are too lazy to take the step of USING A SPOON.” I had to try it for myself. I went with the extra creamy variety. It seemed more exciting for some reason.

Smell: Nope, no smell. It would have been highly disturbing if there was one, so at least this has that going for it.

Texture/Appearance: It looks like…Cool Whip shot out of an aerosol can. Nothing too special about it and just what you would expect. The texture, on the other hand, is not good. It is waxy and filmy, covering every inch of you mouth, teeth and tongue. You know how when you eat Cap’n Crunch and the roof of your mouth has that tacky, sticky feeling everywhere? It feels exactly like that. I asked my roommate to try this, but didn’t say anything about what I thought. She made a face and said “Ew, it’s so filmy”. Ew indeed. I wonder if the film could have been attributed to it being of the “extra creamy” variety, but it doesn’t really matter.

Taste: It tastes like cool-whip, but honestly, I could not get past the mouth-feel of this stuff. I had to try it several times to realize it actually tasted fine; just my brain was screaming about the way it made my mouth feel.

Final verdict: This went straight to my garbage can. Also, I tried it one additional time–just to make sure my first assessment was correct–and the nozzle had broken. It emerged kind of flat and watery. If you want Cool Whip, use a spoon and scoop it out of the tub. If you are too lazy for a spoon? First, assess your life and buy a can of Redi-Whip when you are done.


Lemmonex writes daily about life, food and all her ridiculous behavior at her blog, Culinary Couture.

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  1. Toby

    Some thoughts…

    I have purchased the “normal” Cool Whip-in-a-can – as opposed to the Extra Creamy version, which you purchased. I avoided the Extra Creamy version because it is “made with real cream” – which pretty much violates everything that Cool Whip stands for.

    In any event, I actually REALLY liked it. I plan on buying it again.

    And as for the nozzle… Are you sure you used it properly? You don’t actually bend it as you would a normal can of whipped cream. There is a little button that you press. I imagine that if you bent the nozzle, it might break…

    Great review! Keep em coming.

  2. LivitLuvit

    No no Lem, I’m quite sure you weren’t using it correctly. See, you’re supposed to eat it off the washboard abs of a hunky piece of man-meat. THEN, and only then, can you truly get the Cool Whip inacan experience.

    (Seriously, I wonder if that’s actually why they made it… after all, spooning out Cool Whip onto someone’s naughty bits does NOT have the same effect. Maybe they’re trying to break into the sex market.)

  3. Michael

    Jesus H. Christ. You have fallen so low you will never get up. An intervention is required. I am available in emergencies. 🙂

  4. Lemmonex

    You know, I really did think this was a possibility. Cool Whip is known as being the, erm, best for these type of things. I was trying to keep it klassy, though.

    Since you opened this Pandora’s box, though, I think following Toby’s suggestion, and using the original may be good for these purposes.

  5. Barbara

    I have never been able to bring myself to eat fake whipped cream, so I will not be trying Redi-whip in a can! I know there are people who swear by Cool-whip, but I’m just not one of them. I’m ready for a new discovery that I would like to buy and eat! 🙂

  6. Marissa

    Chocolate Reddi-Whip is the only fake whipped cream I will stand in front of the fridge and eat out of the can. It is so delicious.

  7. Hey Pretty

    Or you could, you know, *make your own* whipped cream, which isn’t terribly challenging and isn’t nearly as disturbing. I have never understood the appeal of those canned whipped dairy confections. They taste like plastic to me.

  8. B

    I feel so special b/c of this post: a) I did indeed say that, so thanks for the credit b) I’ve spoken to you on the phone while you sprayed Redi-Whip into your mouth.

    Anyhow, this sounds gross – I can just picture the filmy, waxy feeling that completely artificial products like this one (which Wired called “a delicious blend of sugar, wax, and condom lube“) leave in your mouth. Blecch.

    Great review! Glad you try this stuff so I don’t have to (literally)!


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