It seems the Soup Nazi may have some competition on his hands! This Subway is hardcore. I wonder if anyone ever actually enforces this rule?

via consumerist

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  1. Kali

    I’m sorry: if you can’t be b0thered to hang up your phone and talk to an actual person in front of you, then you deserve to be put at the end of the line or ignored. That’s just common courtesy for the waitstaff or, in the case of fast food or coffee houses, the folks hustling behind the counter.

    I don’t condone rude behavior. Nor should anyone else. Treat people as you would be treated and you’ll find yourself much more content.

  2. Absolutely!

    If you are going to yack on the phone, you definitely ought to wait until your call is over before you get in line, you’re wasting the clerk’s time and everyone else’s if you expect them to wait until you’re done with your conversation before the line can move. If you come into my store with one of those things, I won’t interrupt you to wait on you, or anything, I will wait until you’re done before I say hi or whatever, but if someone I can actually talk to walks in, they will get waited on first, until you are done with your call!


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