Update: A few individuals on left-leaning blogs are urging a boycott of Dunkin Donuts happy hour for caving to right-wing pressure.

Dunkin Donuts has canceled an ad featuring Rachael Ray. Why? Because moron conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, among other right-wingers, objected to the scarf Rachael Ray was wearing in the ad, claiming it looked like a keffiyah.

So what is a keffiyah? Malkin presents a 100% unbiased explanation of the garment in her Townhall column:

The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant (and not so ignorant) fashion designers, celebrities and left-wing icons.

Malkin has also posted a piece on her blog today explaining that left-wingers, oblivious to the scarfs violent symbolism have been wearing them recently.

So the entire basis for the complaint from Michelle Malkin seems to be that Rachael Ray is wearing a scarf that kind of, sort of looks like it might be, gasp…Islamic!

Really Dunkin Donuts? Really? Michelle Malkin yelps, and you immediately pull the ad? Honestly, do you really think Rachael Ray is a terrorist sympathizer? Or, I dunno, maybe, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but maybe, just maybe, SHE THOUGHT THE SCARF LOOKED NICE.

I highly doubt Rachael Ray is trying to secretly slip a pro-jihad message into her latest Dunkin Donuts menu prices ad, and anyone who thinks that might be the case is a grade-A moron.

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  1. Mister FFC

    Wow… that’s just a WEE bit of an overreaction by DD, and a LOT of b.s. from Malkin.

    Never in my life would I have imagined, or thought of such things by seeing that image. If anything I would have thought it was an ugly-ass scarf.

    But NOW I have those images in my mind. In fact, thanks to Mr Milkin, now I’m picturing Rachel Ray running around beheading people with a giant knife from the set of her TV show… wearing an ugly-ass scarf.

    That’s wonderful.

  2. Malcolm

    Okay, let me try to translate conservative-to-moderate-to-liberal here. (As my first reaction was also “WT$%@#^&”?
    Michelle’s point is that the keffiyeh is becoming a fashion symbol in much the same way that Che Gueverra T-shirts became a fashion symbol, or Charles Manson emblazoned apparel became fashion statements. It is not “just a scarf”! The keffiyeh means something… stands for something, and not just peace – no more than Ol’ Chuck Manson just liked Beatles songs!
    MM raised a great point in her post – Would y’all feel the same if celebs started wearing bayberry plaid Klan hoods!? Think about that, my loveable liberal friends!
    Short of that, I hope your days are all filled with joy, and that your families are well. Peace.

  3. JKLnTX

    An ultra right wing overwrought response to an article of clothing that APPEARS to be an Arabic scarf? ….Dumb..but it is apparent these emotionally delicate individuals have some real head issues…

    Whats next hunting vests because they look like the vests with pockets similiar to what Arab terrorists fill with explosives?…

  4. liv

    stupidest observation ever. are you going to attack paisley now? what about plaid? i hear that if you wear bright colors, they are gang related, so are we all doomed to only wear pastels? SERIOUSLY.

    besides, i don’t think rachel ray picked that scarf, so why did this all-of-a-sudden become a rachel ray is evil thing? it really is just a scarf. i might go buy one now because i see it as a SCARF.

  5. Mary Edwards

    Never fails here comes big mouth, alarmist, America’s infamous terrorist Michelle Malkin to sprew more poison and hate.

    No wonder a few newspapers, magazines and the O’Reilly Report distanced themselves from this lunatic. Maybe the rest of the publications and news shows should STOP giving this idiot airtime too.

    She must have had a bitter life that all she can do is spread evil.

  6. Jason

    Malkin is an Ann Coulter wannabe.

    So she made a big stink and threatened a boycott. So effin’ what? This ain’t the bad old days of burning Dixie Chicks CD’s and Michael Moore books at the local right-wing radio station parking lot in a staged “Patriot Rally”.

    On a scale of 1-10, this generated a -37 in terms of media play. Malkin was appeased just to shut her up. It never became a real story and she was roundly mocked by bloggers on both the left and right.

    She’s washed up. I predict she tries to get famous again by writing yet another book complaining about liberals.

  7. Homer Schmedlap

    Michelle (Who?) Malkin is off her rocker… very paranoid to say the least. So Racheal Ray has no fashion sense, so what?


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