The first McDonald’s television commercial that ever aired. Wow. Early Ronald McDonald is frightening.

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  1. Willard Fan....

    What’s so creepy about it? In the 60’s it was just the thing, and Willard Scott came to that role from his much loved Bozo the Clown, he was just the guy to call back then. What’s creepy is that we are so overwhelmed with computer generated special effects that we have lost our appreciation for the creativity of life before the personal computer. Back in those days, way more effort and creativity went into special effects, and instead of hypnotizing the kids with flashy images, Willard’s job was to relate to the kids, and get them to relate to him. So the concept wasn’t quite developed yet, and they still had a little work to do, they wanted a clown who was a foodie. Maybe the costume was hokey, but I wouldn’t say anything about that commercial was creepy….


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