There is a guy outside my building who sells giant bags of trail mix, corn nuts, yogurt covered fruit and flavored peanuts for only $2 a pop. Some have speculated that maybe he buys up surplus of things just as they are passing the point of optimal freshness. Either way, they still taste good and are a great deal, and has significantly reduced my costs when it comes to snacks. Below is a sub-par quality photo of what I picked up the other day. Loving the habanero corn nuts.

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  1. Dave

    I know where he’s getting the stuff… If you’re ever in the Columbia/Jessup area head to:

    Anne’s House of Nuts
    8375 Patuxent Range Rd
    Jessup, MD 20794
    (410) 813-0080

    Call first cause the hours are weird, but that’s where they’re getting them from. The prices there are even more ridiculous (like alot of stuff for $1 for a huge bag) and they have everything from trail mix, granola, about every kind of nut, candy, corn nuts… definitely worth the trek! All of the stuff is from their packing facility on-premises and is just over-run, not old /stale for sure.


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