Wow, were all commercials during the Cold War so odd? This one from Wendy’s is called “Soviet Fashion Show.”

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  1. "Choices"

    Having lived during the cold war, poking fun at them was what helped keep us all from holing up in our bomb shelters and never going out or doing anything. It was common perception in America at the time that choices were limited or non existent for those who lived in the Soviet Union. It was also common perception at the time that the Soviets had a whole bunch of missiles aimed right at us, and that they were ready to press that button and blast us off the planet any minute now. This commercial basically amounts to whistling in the dark, it sought to help us laugh at our fears that if they didn’t blast us all, they might invade and make us live that way. While helping us to blow off steam about it, the spot also celebrates what Americans cherish most, our freedom of choice.


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