Or at least the use of the word “Frickin'” to promote them.  Michael and Sheri Sucec of Harrisburg, Pa. are calling the word “profanity.” For that reason, they are objecting to a new billboard for Sheetz Crispy Chicken Sandwich.


The couple has complained to the company that owns the billboard, Lamar Advertising, the local zoning commission, and have asked the supervisors in Derry Township to help them find a way to get the billboard removed. Shockingly, the chairman of supervisors has reported that no one else in community seems to object to the billboard.

In response to a letter from Sheetz, describing the use of “Frickin” as a “humorous twist”, Michael Sucec stated at the supervisors meeting:

“We don’t feel or believe that that’s humorous whatsoever…I ask you folks this evening: Do you believe this is humorous?”

My response is yes Michael, it is very humorous. Hilarious actually. Well, it wasn’t originally, but it is now that you’ve started objecting to it. Ironic that your involvement is what ended up making it funny, huh?

So I implore the Susecs, please drop your vicious anti-chicken sandwich agenda and join the ranks of American’s who aren’t part of your slang-hating bourgeois commitment to the English language.

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  1. Jen

    I find it amusing that this couple has taken such offense to the word ” frickin’ ” – at least the company used the apostrophe appropriately. I am personally much more offended by punctuation anarchy in the world of billboard marketing.

  2. MC Spanky McGee

    Very interesting, indeed.

    Now, this brings in problems from philosophy of language (coupled with the nonsense I’m about to spew). You might think that cussing is more about intension (meaning), rather than the actual word that said or printed. We all know that “Darn it” is a substitute for “Damn it,” but while Ned Flanders uses the former, he basically means the latter.

    If this is so, why bother with the substitute?

    (Then again, part of the reason cussing is so fun and cathartic is that it’s supposedly forbidden…)

    The couple has a point–we know for what the word “frickin'” is a substitute–but then again, they didn’t cuss.

    Spanky’s verdict: in favor of Sheetz.

  3. MC Spanky McGee

    We all know that Ned Flanders uses “Darn it” as a substitute for “Damn it”–and he’s not cussing–but don’t ya think he might as well do it? (I’m arguing for full-throttle cussing). He *means* basically the same thing (especially given that he knows what he’s doing with the substitution).

    Then again, cussing is fun and cathartic because it is so-often forbidden, and our euphemistic “cuss”-words highlight that fact.

    Spanky’s verdict: in favor of Sheetz. The couple is going on their subjective interpretation. Not enough to warrant penalty.

  4. Ruca Bangs

    Oh people… don’t they see that fuckin’ doesnt rhyme with chicken?

    I suggest: Rib stickin’ chicken sandwich, but that might portray an image of fattiness that the sheetz company would avoid.

    Honestly though, the restaurant name is sheetz, so frickin’ fits perfectly.

    “After trying the Sheetz frickin’ chicken, I had to take some frickin’ sheetz!”

  5. jdub

    Had one this weekend, it was awesome (as far as fast food chicken is concerned).

    For those outside of the area, Sheetz is kind of known for cheesy rhyming or throwing Sh or Z onto just about everything. (Shmagel, Shmiscuit, Friez, Subz, Pretzelz, etc.)


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