In the past week, I’ve read about two new candy bars from Snickers.  Candy Addict writes about, and reviews, the limited edition Snickers Adventure Bar. The candy bar is a tie-in with the Indiana Jones movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  So what makes this an adventure bar? Well according to Candy Addict’s reading of the wrapper, the bar will offer, “a cliffhanger kick of exotic spice and a hint of sweet coconut.”


Also new to the Snickers inventory, Snickers Charged. According to Junk Food Blog, the bar contains, “additional B-vitamins and the stimulants caffeine and taurine.” Each bar will have more caffeine than your average soft drink, and almost as much as a cup of coffee.


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  1. J Temperance

    I’ve tried all of these “energy drinks” and all they give me is bad gas, accompanied by the urge to dance and vomit simultaneously. I gave the candy bar a try and…

    I’ll stick to coffee, thanks.


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