Update: The sandwiches are back and better than ever. If you’re feeling sassy, try their new secret menus.

After a mere 2% gain in 1st quarter profits, Starbucks is making several changes in their business plan in order to get the company back on track. Among the ideas: dramatically slow the pace of new store openings in the United States, increase the number of new stores planned to open overseas and shut down the 100 worst performing domestic stores.

Also, in a crushing blow to those of us who like hot grease injections in the morning, Starbucks has announced they will cease selling breakfast sandwiches.  The Starbucks CEO noted that the sandwiches, “fight with the coffee aroma in stores.”




The company now has nearly 16,000 stores worldwide, two-thirds of which are in the United States.  The company’s long term goal is to eventually have 40,000 stores across the world.

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  1. shatraw

    whatever, they were mediocre anyway. sadly, almost disturbingly, the best tasting breakfast sandwiches from a national chain probably come from McDonalds.

    and don’t argue that dunkin donuts crap with me. those things are floppy, microwaved and gross city.

    NYC delis are where it’s at for these things.

  2. dani

    shatraw, I have to agree with you on dunkin donuts. I remember several years ago, having my first and last egg sandwich there. The guy cracked an egg in a bowl and then microwaved it. Gross.

  3. Eick

    The Starbucks breakfast sandwiches were actually really money.

    The ones at Dunking Donuts are pathetic and awful.

  4. Amy

    I absolutely loved the Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. They even had low-fat options, for those days when you didn’t need as much of a grease injection for the hangover remedy. I mean, I LOVED them and this is a CRIME and a stupid, stupid thing for them to take away.

    Now let me tell you how I really feel about it….

  5. Youppi

    eick, the starbucks breakfast sandwiches are just yummy in DC. You knw, where people actually take time and care with your food preparation. In NY, that junk is thrown together in about half a second, luke warm, the cheese is no where near as melty as it should be.

    shatraw couldn’t have been more right. ‘baconeggandcheeseonaroll!’ from most NY Deli’s take the cake.

    also, please report on those delicious hash browns from that one restaurant you love. Now there is a breakfast treat! or any time of day treat for that matter…

  6. Ruca Bangs

    I kind of like the dunkin donuts sammies but you must a) get bacon b) on a toasted bagel c) be stuck in the Springfield, MA bus station on Christmas eve when all stores & restaurants/the McDonalds in the station is/are closed, and d) its late afternoon and you havent eaten yet because they oversold all the busses and you had to stand in a port authority line for 3 hours past when you were supposed to depart.

    thats what i hear anyways.

    Starbucks food is worse than airplane food. DONT EAT IT!

  7. Paul

    The breakfast sandwiches were better than the f—ing coffee at Starbucks, that’s for sure.

  8. Jenn

    Save the Breakfast Sandwich!

    I don’t know what I am going to do when hey are gone :o(



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