There was a Rachael Ray “scandal” last week and I missed it. According to Grub Street, someone who was on the set for her latest Dunkin’ Donuts commercial reports that she had a sip of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, yelled “what is this shit!” and insisted someone bring her a cup of her preferred Starbuck’s coffee. This, of course, was a huge deal, because Ray is surely being paid a boatload of money to be a celebrity endorser for Dunkin’ Donuts.


However, just two days later, OK! Magazine caught up with Ray, who declared that the rumor was, “Ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous.” Well I guess that’s that then. No need to ask a follow-up question or inquire as to why people would report seeing something that didn’t actually happen.

Quick. Here’s my impression of a reporter for OK Magazine:

“I see. Absolutely ridiculous? Well that makes sense. Nope, I don’t have any follow up questions, thanks for your time Rachael!”

Bang up job OK! Magazine, way to fully investigate the story and demand answers.

And yes, I still find Rachel Ray attractive. What can I say? Her mediocre cuteness and semi-bubbly/annoying personality can’t overwhelm a nice smile and a love of food.

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  1. Lemmonex

    No no no!! There are lots of actually cute girls out there cooking who are not annoying. And I am not even talking about me. Nigella? Giada? Don’t look in to the light. You can do better…


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