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  1. woodrockBVS

    OK. SO there I was as a new employee at my job. People were talking all about different things, and I dont know how it got brought up that I though Rachel Ray was attractive….They all started laugin and then it was dropped. I was gone for about 1 week on vacation. I came back and opened my office to find that they had Copied Rachel Ray Head on Hot Pink paper and covered my entire office from floor to ceiling. It was amazing. I took the copies off the wall, but still to this day I have my ceiling covered with Hot pink rachel Ray faces looking down at me, its been about a year, they are staying! I have Pictures.

  2. Karen

    I’m kind of with Hillary on that one. I’m not a fan of the toothy, mindless grin she’s got going in most of the pictures, but she is attractive.

  3. shatraw


    that FHM picture of her is unnaturally airbrushed.

    she has all the charm of a postage stamp.

    as far as attractive women go, she’s in the middle 30%, as are millions of other women in the world. they just don’t have the benefit of stylists, airbrushing, make up artists, etc.

    at best, she’s “cute.” but “cute” with a conciliatory tone… not one of enthusiasm.

  4. pinkerbell

    Oh god, when she opens her mouth I want to run to another country. She is so not cool.

  5. Paula from Only Cookware

    Well I have never actually heard Rachael Ray speak. We don’t get any of her television shows here in Australia. The only reason I know about her is she has a range of cookware and I have a website about cookware.

  6. Econo-Girl

    She’s Big Media’s response to Martha Stewart. They can’t stand that Martha bought her own magazine and runs it better than they did.

    As for appearance, she has that fun-loving, honky-tonk kind of appeal.

  7. fun

    Well well well, 11 comments already and you typed only one word of text in this blog entry. one might say that rachael ray is somewhat of a popular or “hot” topic or entity.

    as for whether she’s hot? i, of course, say yes. those fhm pictures are hot, and nowadays EVERYONE is airbrushed or photoshopped. i mean really, if paris hilton and rachael ray were the same age (or not), how could you pick paris? she has terrible face, a lazy eye, and smaller breasts than rr. and she doesn’t cook. case closed.

    p.s. rachael if you’re reading this, i went to school in saratoga springs and would love you to “cook” for me, the webmaster of this site has my contact info.

  8. Gstaff

    Dunkin Donuts erased all possible sex appeal. WTF, she has a share the donut with her mom. If you’re going to be a Dunkin Donuts spokesman, you have to be able to handle eating a donut on your own.

  9. Eick

    Well “Me”, I’ll bet you would. Thanks for your contructive comment. You’ve really added a lot to the dialogue and discussion.

  10. indian terry

    im only 27 and that would be the woman i would pick out of any celeb. they say a way to a mans heart is thru his stomach and this woman can cook and has looks to match. smokin hot!!!

  11. tw

    she is on in my home at least three times a day. i think she is very confident and thats what makes a person attractive.

  12. Esmira

    I simply adore her! She is magnificent! I wish I would have her as a friend. I like cooking myself but there is more to that. It is also personality…


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