I’m a big fan of the all-you-can-eat sections at sporting events. I experienced it for the first time at Dodger stadium in May, when I sat in their “All You Can Eat Pavilion” in right field and enjoyed several hot dogs and several orders of nachos.

But what if you had a much bigger than normal appetite? How much could you eat at a game? Well, if the Philadelphia Flyers website is to be believed, the answer is “a whole helluva lot”:

“When it comes to competitive eating, Bill ‘El Wingador’ Simmons and Dave ‘U.S. Male’ Goldstein sure know how to pack it in. These top dogs enjoyed Comcast-Spectacor’s ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ section on Tuesday, September 24, at the Philadelphia Flyers game against the New Jersey Devils. The ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ package features hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn and nacho chips and salsa. These two Wing Bowl wieners ate a combined total of 62 hot dogs, 8 nachos, 10 popcorns and 20 sodas.”

Yikes.  That’s a lot of food.

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