• Candy Addict lists the Top 10 Candy Urban Legends.
  • Burger King is promising to make healthier kids meals.
  • In a story So Good previously covered, Carl’s Jr. has said they will eliminate the gyrating female teacher from their new commercials.
  • Pax Arcana writes about the recent LA Times article on the increasing lack of anonymity among restaurant reviewers.
  • Enviroblog argues that the decision to restrict fast food restaurants in South L.A. sends a message that Washington needs a better farm bill and food policy.
  • Food or sex? Why not one leading to the other? Neurophilosophy discusses how male chimps will obtain extra food and give it to female chimps in exchange for sex.
  • A new study says climate change is a threat to world food production.
  • The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity has released a study looking at the link between the Distance to food stores & adolescent male fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Marketing Pilgrim notes a report from Comscore showing that food and beverage is one of the best received blog categories.

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