That’s the name of a project by photographer Steve Aishman. It’s a series of 9 photos of various types of fast food being thrown in the air, and then photographed.



Steve claims he is:

“Interested in working with a new philosophy that does not reward the viewer for making an association between what they are seeing and something they have seen before. Rather, with my work, I want to reward the viewer for seeing the world with new eyes.”

Well I’m not an art critic, but I do love this series of photos. I do, in fact, feel like I’m looking at the world with new eyes. Here I am seeing food items I’ve seen a million times, but captured in a view that my eyes have never experienced seeing this item in before. There is something about seeing food crisply and clearly captured in mid-air…no plate, no bowl, no tray, no strings.

Do yourself a favor, check out all 9 photos on Steve’s site and see them in their full size and detail.

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  1. ruca bangs

    What you don’t see it the photographer’s assistant right out of frame holding Doug Mirabelli’s giant knuckleball glove to save the flying food!

    I know this isn’t a sports blog, and I dont have a blog at all, but if I did, my first post would be about how Mirabelli and Wakefield are the cutest couple in pro sports. They can’t live without each other and its adorable. Adorable I tell you!


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