So, we survived the potted meat. Just barely, but we survived. A break is deserved, yes? I only posses so much intestinal fortitude.

This weeks foray in to the world of food bizarre is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Crackers.

I first noticed these on shelves about a month ago and immediately thought: WHY? It seems the snack cracker market is well covered and certainly Mac ‘n Cheese has to have found their niche in the market…in the macaroni market. Who is clamoring for this product? I decided to try the white cheddar variety of this bizarre product because it just seemed a bit classier. Let’s see how it holds up.

Smell: Cheese crackers always smell a bit dusty and dank to me. Maybe it is the fake, powdery cheese or the fact that they are just a bit unnatural. Either way, these were no different: they smelled musty.

Texture/appearance: They are shaped like oversized elbow noodles. In the mini-sized cracker world, goldfish are clearly superior. Macaroni is not a “fun” or “cool” shape, but I think cannibalizing fish-shaped crackers is pretty awesome. The outsides of the cracker tubes are dusted with the white powdery cheese. They crumble apart quickly in your mouth as they are hollow…but once again, so are goldfish. The mechanicalized cheese made my tongue itch a bit.

Taste: It’s…fine. They are much more like the salty-edged Cheese Nips than the aggressively cheesy Cheez-Its. There is nothing inherently wrong with them. They are just kinda there. Nothing bad, nothing good…they merely exist.

Final verdict: Meh. They were not horrible, yet they did not wow me. I am still left wondering who Kraft is trying to reach. My best guess is brain washed kids who love mac and cheese and will beg their parents for crackers in a very similar box. Give me a box of Cheez-Its any day.


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9 Responses

  1. Andre Blackman

    When I first saw the commercial for these things I also sighed and asked “why??” – this review confirms my suspicions that they are just blah products.Thanks!

  2. charlotteharris

    I am MOST impressed that you already had made the distinction between Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips. I will definitely trust the opinion of an apparent cracker conoisseur like yourself. 😉

  3. B

    Much like you and Andre, when I saw these, I thought, “the hell?” In fact, A and I were just making fun of these in the cracker aisle last week – how timely!

    I like your phrase, “mechanicalized cheese”, and I have to put in a vote for Cheez-Its “Hot and Spicy” (with Tabasco) … heaven.

  4. Aaronichi

    Looks like these go down with Mountain Dew flavored Quest Doritos as a grand cross culinary marketing fail.

  5. Barbara

    I will take an original Cheeto any day over these new fake-cheese snacks. No puffed cheese, just the old crunchy kind. I have been known to devour a large part of a bag of Cheetos in one setting.


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