Pizza Hut Meat Lovers vs. Papa John’s The Meats vs. Domino’s Mighty Meaty

Ok so we all know pizza originated in Italy right?

Since then it has travelled far and wide, it has changed shape and size, and every region claims their version reigns supreme.

It has ballooned into a $35 billion a year industry, and the US alone serves at least 350 slices of this food prodigy per second.

So the love for Pizza is unquestionable. Some favorites are the classic thin Italian, the Chicago deep dish, and the New York slice.


All delicious, all with a rich heritage and background, but who cares right this moment; you want the low down on which pizza ticks all the right boxes when cheating. 

When ordering pizza you have many choices but let’s focus on the big 3 and establish what they have to offer for your cravings. 

For the purpose of keeping things simple and delicious we will be focusing our attention on the all mighty meat feast pizza, large of course.

Taste buds tingling? Let us begin the comparisons.


Pizza Hut : Meat Lovers Pizza


This 8-slice sensation know as The Meat Lover comes layered with 6 different meat toppings, Italian sausage, pepperoni, smoked bacon, seasoned beef and pork. Recommended for meat lovers this is a class act in the pizza industry that truly lives up to its name.

The crust is deep and crispy; the centre soft and fluffy, and the sauce carries a distinctive herb flavored zing.

The cheese is often generously scattered which produces a more dense topping experience. For some it is an amazing first bite, which holds consistency till the last mouth full.

So if you are an advocate of the deep-dish base and you love your meats, this is a great choice. Where Pizza Hut falls short against its rivals is its neglect for the inclusion of a free dipping sauce.


Papa Johns: The Meats Pizza


The Meats is another champion from the realm of meat, cheese and crusts. This papa johns special comes equipped with a mouth watering topping consisting of 5 meats, sausage, pepperoni, beef, smoked bacon and Canadian bacon. Yes double bacon, an unforgivable taste combination.

Unlike the Pizza Hut, this larder of meats nests upon a fresher thinner base which is less crispy. Ideal for those hungry souls who love to fold their slice or opt for a chewier base.

The Sauce is often sweeter than its two rivals; this can be a great compliment to the spicy meats and tangy yet surprisingly fresh tasting cheese.

The Papa Johns is also accompanied by a rich a garlic dipping sauce as well as a fiery green chili pepper, these make a world of difference to the chow down experience. 

8 slices of chewy thin crust, sweet and spicy flavors, all the meats and double bacon, plus a free dipping sauce, if this sounds like a cheat meal made in heaven, Papa Johns should be the choice for you. 

Dominos: Mighty Meaty


The third participant is the Dominoes Mighty Meaty, these remarkable 8 handfuls of meat and cheese boast 4 meat toppings of pepperoni, ham, sausage, and beef. Plus 2 veg being onion and mushroom for whom it may concern.

This quadruplet of mouth-watering meats cloaks a medium depth thick feathery crust, enriched with garlic, which delivers a slight crunch. Supporting this crust and acting as the middle man in this tasty companionship is a perfectly seasoned coating of fresh mozzarella.

The sauce however is less noticeable on the palette when up against the others, something to consider if you’re a sauce lover.

The Mighty Meaty arrives hot with its cold partner in crime, the easily recognizable garlic and herb dipping sauce, a feature that originally set dominos apart from the pack.

If you’re a sucker for intense flavors with the odd vegetable or two included in your cheat you can’t go wrong with this fast food delicacy.


If neither of these options appeals to your hunger pains, why not make you own? It’s more effort but you have full control of you food destiny and the results are great.

Here is a simple pizza infographic that explains how:

pizza-infographicAll four choices are great in terms of a cheat meal, it is all down to personal preference, and hopefully this post helped to guide those taste buds to food heaven.

Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza Calories Nutrition Info.











Papa John’s The Meats Pizza Calories Nutrition Info.











Domino’s Mighty Meaty Pizza Calories Nutrition Info.











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