Leave it to Vegas to stimulate your senses, especially your taste buds.

Endless casinos and a vibrant night life aren’t the only things Vegas is known for, they’ve also got major bragging rights for their well-known buffets. With Bacchanal at Ceasars Palace among one of their most popular, I had to stop by this place during my latest visit to Sin City.

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With its impressive modern interior, this upscale buffet was indeed as classy as some of Vegas’s high-ended restaurants, with the price to match. But trust me, Bacchanal was ranked USA’s Today’s “Best Buffet in Vegas” for a reason.

Built with a hundred million dollar budget, Bacchanal has revolutionized the classic buffet into a modern food heaven, that not only serves quantity but pure quality.

Offering 500 dishes and 15 Chef Specials daily, this massive buffet represents nine of Vegas’s best restaurants with cuisines ranging from Japanese to Italian to Mexican. So you’ll be sure to satisfy anything and everything your taste buds are craving. 

Upon entering, I was immediately welcomed with the sight of fresh seafood, sizzling grilled steak, and a fully decked out dessert island. It was wonderfully overwhelming.

Pleasing your taste buds is a given, but this buffet also gives your eyes something to feast on, with professional chefs whipping up food fresh off the grill right in front of guests, providing additional entertainment as you enjoy your meal. 


Winning countless awards since its opening, Bacchanal is undoubtedly worthy of its prestigious title and you can rest assured, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. 


With a million choices, here’s three Bacchanal favorites to make sure you take a bite of:



This amazing grilled catfish literally melted in my mouth. You wil be surprised at the value compared to Golden Corral prices with the amount of quality and service. Served with wasabi mashed potatoes and grilled to a crispy perfection, that tender buttery taste definitely left a lasting impression as I grabbed for seconds and thirds. 



Presenting a humongous juicy piece of medium-rare steak paired with fresh raw oysters, two of my Bacchanal favorites.

Both are only one of a wide assortment of meats and seafood options. Sitting next to the oysters in the seafood section is fresh cocktail shrimp and chilled crab legs, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, the steak is only one of the many carnivore temptations the meat chef has roasted, with skewers of lamb and pork simmering off the grill every hour. 




Oh of course, there’s always another stomach for desserts. Bacchanal’s dessert counter will make you feel like a kid again, it’s like walking into a colorful candy store with a million flavors of everything.

The list is endless with macroons, lava cake, crème brulee, gelato, and cake popsicles.

Yes, that’s right, they even do cake-popsicles in several flavors. Those delicious little things will make you wish you had more stomach room to fit it all!


This “Best Buffet in Vegas” isn’t just about food in bulk, but genuinely cares about quality and fine dining, putting effort into every bite, so remember to come starving!

Their “must-have” list really is quite endless, with their Japanese curry, red velvet pancakes, and chilled king crab legs also on the favorite’s checklist.

Your plate already mountains high?
Get seconds, thirds, fourths!

It is an all-you-can-eat buffet after all, and at Bacchanal, you’ll truly want to eat all that you can and more.



Bachannal Buffet at Ceasars Palace

3570 Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV. 89109



Grade: A







Original Photography by Wenna Pang


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