Mother’s day is right around the corner and this monthly club can make Mom’s day, each month for many months to come.
JerkySpot is a brand and retailer of jerky founded by David Wolf and based out of Winter Park, Florida. David claims what started as a simple project to sell a product he was passionate about, has turned into a thriving business. The site began with a small selection of jerky makers, and it now features dozens of unique flavors, types of meats and well known brands such as Jack Links and Krave jerky.
Early on, and due to what seemed to be a never-ending variety of jerky at JerkySpot, David decided to start a jerky club as a way to share new types of jerky.

David reports, “It was an instant hit! We started receiving feedback and reviews right away. Many of which were from gift givers. Each sharing how much their family and friends loved it.”

Jerky of the Month club is similar to other monthly clubs in that you’ll receive a particular type of product each month. JerkySpot’s most popular option is 3 bags per month, with an option allowing you to choose between delivery for 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
When asked what makes JerkySpot’s club different from other clubs, David explained, “Aside from having more variety, jerky is a big part of our lives. And that makes us a bit of a connoisseur. We eat the stuff every day. We’re receiving new brands and flavors and reviewing those regularly, and now we’re even making it ourselves. When you sign up for our Jerky of the Month club, you’re not only joining in on a world of new experiences, but you’re also able to try a lot of great tasting jerkys you otherwise would have missed.”

JerkySpot sent us a sample of their Jerky of the Month club, and here is our review.

We had the opportunity to test out some of the jerky and we were pleasantly surprised of the quality.
Inside the box were 3 bags of different jerky flavors, two made in California, and one made in Florida.
We really enjoyed the “carne asada” beef jerky and the bags were full size with lots of fresh jerky inside. I would say the value included for the monthly price is perfect. It beats going to the store and if you are a jerky fan, you will love trying the new flavors.

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