discounts-at-papa-johns Do you love free pizza? Do you love being rewarded for buying pizza, wings, breadsticks, and giant chocolate chip cookies? So do I. That’s why I stopped checking out as guest and made an account to receive Papa John’s Papa Rewards. Papa John’s not only uses fresh ingredients but offers you kickbacks for ordering online. Each order you place online adds points to your Papa Rewards. After 25 hard-earned points, you get a free pizza! What’s not to love about that? And all it took was signing up for Papa John’s offers instead of skipping the login.


Free Pizza

But beyond just the free pizza, Papa John’s sends you coupons and deals on a daily basis. They endorse charities, local sports teams, and have special seasonal offers that allow you to get free or severely discounted items. Because I live in Arizona, any time an Arizona sports team wins, be it the Sun Devils, the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks, or the Coyotes, I get a 50% off my total order coupon. It could be any day of the week and as long as my team wins, I get half-off my complete order. In addition to sports coupons, Papa John’s donates money from your order to different charities depending on the time of year. Your pizza problem is finally paying off! They also offer weekly deals such as discounts on pizzas ordered Monday through Wednesday and yearly deals. Since this is their 30th anniversary, Papa John’s is offering a buy a large pizza get another for only 30 cents deal. They make it extremely easy for you to order pizza any time and any day of the week. papa-johns-rewards Of course like any take out site, they also have a special offers tab on their homepage, which details all the generic coupons and deals offered. However, the email coupons I receive are not always listed in the special offers; a reason why you should definitely sign up for the Papa John’s Papa Rewards. Papa Rewards emails also include information about new items, like the Double Cheeseburger pizza, to let you know what you should chow down on next. I ordered the new 8” Mega Cookie after receiving an announcement before it came out and a coupon for a free one when I ordered a large 3-topping pizza. It was delectable.


Papa John’s New Double Cheeseburger Pizza

Papa John’s is smart about their rewards system and wants to treat their customers to items they actually want. If you’re buying pizza, chances are it wouldn’t be too hard to get you to order free cheese sticks, get you addicted, and have you adding them to your future orders. It boosts their sales but gives the customers a chance to try new dishes. Plus, with the expansive amount of coupons you receive via email, you’ll be saving more money on pizza, breadsticks, and wings than you ever imagined.


Papa John’s Cheese Sticks

Whether you’re addicted to pizza or just love to eat it on your diet-day-off, joining Papa John’s Papa Rewards will deliver a wealth of quality coupons to your inbox, donate junk food money to charities, and allow you to try new menu items for free. What’s not awesome about that? Try these coupons for Papa John’s at online checkout:  [tabs title1=”25% Off Online Order” text1=”Use This Coupon Code At Checkout: PNC25″ title2=”Large Pizza With Up To 5 Toppings Or A Large Specialty Pizza for $11″ text2=”Use This Coupon Code At Checkout: ANY11″ title3=”25% Off Regular-Price Items” text3=”Use This Coupon Code At Checkout: VISA25″ title4=”Any Large Pizza For $12″ text4=”Use This Coupon Code At Checkout: all12″ ]    

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  1. Patricia Cabral

    Papa john’s pizza is so tasty and I have eat this many times with my family or with my friends and also enjoyed the free pizza as a reward you know and that’s gonne be more fun to get this for enjoyment. Thanks Papa john for the wonderful deal…


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