Many travelers like to travel to experience the joys of tasting local food. However, even if you are very pleased to relax at the local bistro and eat various good there, the best and most exotic food you can often find on the street.


Street food is characterized by its diversity, low prices and quick ways of manufacture. And it’s a great option for travelers who wanted to try the local dishes and save some money. Of course, you can always buy a cheap hotd

og in New York, Parisian croissant or pizza in Italy, but in the world, there are tons of other places which can offer you something truly unique.


Remember that such street food consumption can lead you to other cultural knowledge of the location – a local hospital. In any case, following the rules of hygiene, taste everything carefully so that the street food will give a lot of pleasure.

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Macau, China

Located just an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong, Macau City is an interesting cultural patchwork, which among all the attractions can offer some pretty great street food.

Macau belonged to the Portuguese for around 400 years, and this historical fact has led to a full Chinese and Portuguese culture mixture. In central Macau and other parts of the city you will discover food stalls loaded with various goods – rice with Chinese sausages, peanut flakes, dumplings, fish dumplings with curry and most unusual, variously prepared, bovine parts – all available in this Chinese city.

Here you can also taste the variety of smoked and dried veal, beef and pork. And to satisfy a sweet tooth here, you will always discover a bakery or sandwich shop with the Portuguese cakes and bread rolls you will enjoy.

Manila, Philippines


The Philippines is made out of more than 7000 islands, which means that dishes are prepared differently in different parts of the country. In the capital, Manila, the food in the streets is as eclectic as the capital itself – European and Asian cuisine, which was influenced by Malay, Spanish, and Chinese cultures.

Food vendors can be found in all the busiest areas of the city – near the university, shopping venues, hotels, and markets, as well as near business centers and skyscrapers. In the Makati Street, you can find the best roasted chicken guts, heads, and legs. Everything is prepared in front of your eyes so that you can follow the process easily.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most famous Turkish city has everything – both a variety of different foods and shops where it is sold. All the narrower streets are full of traders carrying food trolleys, which can offer you everything – from roasted corn on the cob to the traditional bread with sesame seeds.

In the European part of the city near the Galata Bridge, you will get the best place for a snacking. Here you will find eateries where you get a fresh fish sandwich, made straight from the fishing boat. And who does not know the famous Turkish kebab? Marinated lamb, beef or chicken combined with vegetables crammed into Pita bread just melts in your mouth. Kofta – meatballs fried with green pepper and served with a spicy sauce, tomatoes, onions, and parsley are also worth trying out.

New Delhi, India

A classic North Indian food is called Chaat. Local sellers sell these dishes on the streets in many major cities. The snack ingredients vary considerably, but they will usually be made out of potatoes, peas, lemon, pomegranate, tamarind, coriander, cumin and so on.

Delhi is one of the cities, full of Chaat and most of them are found in the Old Delhi. Here you can snack with samosa, papri, and Gol Gappa – crisp, oil boiled dough balls with spicy potatoes, peas, and coriander filled with wetted tamarind puree. Another snack – aloo tikki – roasted crushed potato scone with grated onion, grated ginger, and other spices, served with salad and yogurt. Another delicacy – DAHI Bhalla – beans with cheese, spices, and tamarind mixture.

The most expensive and hard to understand the subtlety of the street is Daulat ki Chaat. This whipped foam is made from milk, air, dew, and sugar. This cocktail is served with pistachios, scattered sugar and served in a small paper bowl. This dish can be discovered in Delhi only during winter months.

Bangkok, Thailand


Thai consume a lot of snacks throughout the day, and they do tend to enjoy them merely in the street. Perhaps this is why the street food culture in Thailand has developed very dynamically and interestingly. 

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Thai spices have mostly come there from Indian, Malaysian, Cambodian and Chinese dishes. The best place to taste street snacks – Chinatown, Thong Lor and Loong Perm Market, in the northern part of Bangkok. There you will always find well-known noodles made with soup or meat and fish ingredients. In here you can also taste pasta steamed chicken with rice or oyster omelets too.

Those who want something light and refreshing can always choose green papaya salad with dried shrimp, lime, salted fish sauce and mashed peanuts on top. Traditional desserts you can finish your dinner with are fried bananas stuffed with crispy rice flour dough, as well as Thai rice cakes stuck together with stewed coconut milk.

Well, if you like chewing insects, you found yourself in the right place. Here, everywhere you can buy bags of fried and seasoned cockroaches, grasshopper, and ants. Bon appetite! 



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