A Few of My Favorite Things

I needed a cone the other day and I always choose Rite-Aid Thrifty ice cream over anywhere else. It’s a blast from the past walking in and seeing the Thrifty ice cream parlor. It’s like the song: ‘My Favorite Things,’ from The Sound Of Music. “I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” That is why I get an ice cream cone from Rite-Aid. They had some unique flavors to choose from like: cotton candy, birthday cake and circus cookie. I was excited like a little school girl to see the bright pink cookies sticking out from the circus cookie ice cream. I went in with a plan to get mint-chip and came out with a hot pink cone. It was awesome. The first lick I got one of those cookies I was eying and it blasted me back to my childhood memories. What a treat, I highly recommend it.

circus-ice-cream-thrifty-coneThe Experience is in The Cone

Something about getting a scoop in a cone makes my summers special. Don’t get me wrong I can eat ice cream anytime of year, which must be the inner fat kid in me. But I get an experience from licking it from the cone. I know it’s a childhood throwback and I like the sense of nostalgia it brings. Especially when temperatures reach the 90s. I get a big okay to indulge in my sweet tooth because the chilly cone cools me down in these warm months. When I’m going to get a cone I plan it out early in the morning and tell myself all day that it’s hot enough to celebrate it with ice cream.

The Circus Freak In Me

I love clowns, carnivals, balloons and the foods that embrace the circus. The inner kid and a adult in me looks for foods that bring these goodies out. In my ice cream experience I go expecting to be enchanted and oh the sugar enchants me that is the end result. But to see ‘circus animal cookies ice cream’ my eyes lit up as if I was in a carnival. How could I not have know about this delicious past-time treat. Frozen-desserts bring out the freaky kid in me. I allow myself to celebrate life and all of it’s sugar highs.

The Cup Experience

At the ice cream parlor I judge people that get ice cream in a cup. I’m thinking in my head- “really you have went out of your way not to by it at the store, you’ve come this far and you’re getting it in a cup”? It only makes sense to get it in a cup if it’s a messy sundae or something. I wouldn’t go to the parlor if it wasn’t from someone scooping it in a cone. I choose the famous Rite Aid ‘cake cone’ and my friend gets it in a cup: “one scoop of cookies & cream in a cup please” – she says. I turn over and look at her- “really, a cup!” Some people don’t plan out their ice cream experience and some get it in a cup.

circus-cookiesCircus Animal Cookies

A little history on circus animal cookies is that they’d been in business since 1914-2008, once owned by: ‘Mother’s Cookies.’ They went bankrupt in 2008 and The Kellogg’s Company bought them out. Yea they are up and running again. I would hate to see them disappear. It’s known for its iced pink and white cookies with rainbow sprinkles on top. These cookies hold a special place in my heart and I liked to dip them in milk– just like Oreo dunking. I’m so glad they didn’t go out of business, because then I wouldn’t of had the chance to indulge in the ice cream. They make me smile with each and every bite. It must be that neon pink food dye.

Ending The Last Bite With a Bang

When I get to the last bite with my ice cream cone I don’t want it to end. It’s always ended with a bang though. I reminded the Rite Aid lady that scooped my cone: “you made my night,” with a smile. She probably thought I was an older looking twelve year old. My giddiness couldn’t be contained. You see I have to celebrate life with food and dessert, it’s the simple things in life that bring us joy and more often than not food can entice memories. With that said cheers to celebrating circus cookies in a cone.

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I live in Southern California. In my spare time I like to cook from scratch and watch 'Chopped' on Food Network. I learned how to cook from a catering company-- I used to work for. That is where I made mac & cheese from bulk and how not to under cook chicken.. At the moment I'm part-time Blogger and work with our youth where we see who can draw the best pizza or biggest cheese burger. I draw inspiration from the kids and my own inner child. I'm a kid at heart and nostalgia holds a special place in my heart. Buzz Light Year Cereal, fruity gushers and strawberry milk made me who I am today.

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