This world is divided into those who love to eat and those who just eat to fall in love with food again! No one can resist a tasty and delicious morsel when it is staring them in the face, and few can resist the temptation to dig into a yummy cuisine, giving their taste buds a reason to dance in celebration! So, are you one of those many people who just want to embark on a delicious journey this summer, to taste and enjoy scrumptious morsels, and explore their culture at the same time?

Then check out these mouthwatering cuisines:

korean-skirt-steakKorean Style Grilled Skirt Steak

Why not taste a bit of Korea this summer? Enjoy a marinated steak which is treated overnight in a succulent mixture of garlic, sesame, soy sauce and cola. Just grill it with peppers and onions and you are good to go!

Did you know that many Koreans start their meal with any kind of soup? Why not give this a try too?

Shish Kababs

Give barbecue a unique twist, and try out this Arabic cuisine, which is guaranteed to give your taste buds an experience of a lifetime

Do you know that shish kebabs are popular in a number of countries, with each one having their own version of the popular cuisine? This amazing dish is said to have its origins in Turkey, with different versions seen in different food cultures, including Portuguese, Malaysian and even French foods!

Yummy Lasagna

Taste a bit of Italy this summer, and revel in the tasty cheesy lasagna bite that ensures a warm hearty meal this time of the year! This dish can be eaten in a number of ways and even has its very own celebration day, on the 29th of July, observed as the National Lasagna Day!

Wow, talk about celebrating yummy food! Why don’t you do just that this summer – celebrate lasagna! Some of the oldest lasagna recipes date as far back as the thirteenth century!

Grilled Gyros

Why not enjoy a taste of Greek this summer? Get a grilled skirt steak gyro sandwich, which has olive oil, oregano and garlic marinated steak, all topped off with a mouthwatering cool yogurt sauce!


Did you know that Greeks enjoy a diverse variety of food components, with lamb, chicken, beef and fish all used as a main ingredient in their famous souvlaki popular Greek style sandwiches?

Malaysian Nasi Lemak

Do you know what Malaysians eat for breakfast? A traditional breakfast mostly consists of a dish which includes rice cooked in coconut milk, sambal, gravy, crispy anchovies, fresh vegetables, peanuts and a range of other assortments! Talk about a full meal at breakfast!

thai-curryThai Curry

Pick out a recipe for a Thai curry and enjoy all four tastes within one bowl of food! No Thai dish is considered complete without the four main seasonings in it, namely, sour, salty, spicy and sweet! Why not explore all these flavors within one dish this summer? Get ready for a bumpy ride.

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by Misti Schindele at Mode

Give your taste buds an experience of a lifetime, with these different mouthwatering cuisines this summer! What better way to enjoy and give yourself a treat, than with food? Grab yummy food deals during the summer holidays. Check out Frugga!



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