The wedding is not just about the potatoes and chicken. These days you can find a lot of new summer food trends that you should consider adding to the kitchen on your big day.The ideas are limitless from cheese plates as appetizers to exotic popsicles for the dessert.

Interesting Innovations

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If you serve lemonade with cocktails you can add some novelty to this combination to make things more interesting. Adding in some lemongrass mixed with some fresh ginger is an innovative and refreshing way to excite your guests.

Dumplings and Rolls

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Delicious dumplings are a new hit as appetizers add some rolls and pretzels served on each table so guests can pick what they like most. The rolls could be filled with cheese or pizza ingredients which can add to the variety of the plate’s content.

All Kinds of Donuts

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If you are not really into cakes you can focus more on something different and exciting. Making a donut bar is a good idea if you want to want to take things to another level. You can even replace them with your wedding cake and make a whole tower of different kinds of donuts. Try to have various kinds of flavors like jelly and cream filled donuts. If you really want to have something different try flavors that people never heard of like white chocolate, coconut, banana, the flavor combos are endless. 

Chef On a Stroll

Make changes by avoiding the appetizers served on plates by the servers. Instead hire a chef to prepare and serve food  real time in the dinning room while guests place orders. Here are other ways you can bring in something fun and new: make a raw bar and have a chef prepare oysters or cook in front of every table preparing sushi in front of their eyes.

Appetizers and Small Drinks

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Enjoying your food with wine is nice, but there are some new ideas like appetizers with exotic cocktail mixes or shots. Combining small lobsters with margaritas or caviar with crackers and shots is a new and fun way to add to your wedding.

Everyone Loves Cheese

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Cheese platters have become a hit in every wedding in the past few years. Some people even hire cheese experts to talk about the different kinds of cheese while enjoying their cocktails and wines. Consider serving the cheese even when the dinner is over or with dessert.

Vegetarian Food


It’s more and more popular to serve vegetarian food at the weddings and people are often avoiding food rich with gluten. This is not just because the increasing number of food allergies but because vegetarian menus can be very delicious and healthy. Even people who prefer meat are amazed by the dishes served at vegetarian weddings these days. There are several dishes that rank high on the list of most popular new vegetarian dishes like falafel sliders, sushi for vegans and risotto cakes with tomato.

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