The cheesy and crisp Doritos Loaded chip (

The cheesy and crisp Doritos Loaded chip

The junk food tweets heard round the country. A D.C. Doritos fanatic, Kevin Cobb, stumbled upon a new masterpiece called “Doritos Loaded:” a combination of nacho cheese Dorito crumbs on the outside and melted, creamy cheese on the inside. I searched through several 7-Elevens in the Phoenix area for these delightful snacks but no dice. It sounds like they’re keeping the snack on the DL in D.C. until testing is over.

Doritos seemingly managed to crunch up their chips into a blanket of powdered goodness, create a nacho cheese batter, invent a gooey liquid version of their cheese dusting, and mix it up into a fried, cheese-filled chip.


The outside

“They tasted like Nacho Cheese Doritos dipped in queso,” Cobb said to Yahoo, “The smell was awesome and distinctly Dorito-y.”

He also mentioned to ABC News that, “You think they’re naturally crunchy, but they weren’t at all…the consistency was kind of like a regular cheese stick, except filled with nacho cheese.”

Advertising for Doritos Loaded (

Advertising for Doritos Loaded

From the poster at 7-Eleven, it would appear that Cobb’s first thoughts were right. The outside texture should be crisp like any food that’s taken a boiling oil bath. But when something has to sit under a heat lamp for hours with liquid inside, it would make sense that the end result would be soggy.

Most likely, the owners of each 7-Eleven deep fry, or microwave (questionable), the Doritos Loaded chips at their location. They would have to come into the store frozen but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Close-up of outside coating (

Close-up of outside coating

JunkFoodGuy said, “So, the first look of these New 7-Eleven Doritos Loaded = fried triangles on a metal sheet tray under a heat lamp. So, not fresh out of any fryer…right. I am scared for my life.” Feeling the texture of the new Loaded snacks he says, “They were warm and felt crispy…almost too crispy. Like, sitting-under-a-heat-lamp-for-too-long crispy.”

And after further analysis, he concludes, “I wasn’t sure if these had started out in the deep fryer, but whatever the case, these were CRISPY – like the outsides of perfect mozzarella sticks.” As for fryer verses microwave, for now all we can do is speculate.


Doritos Loaded under heat lamp at 7-Eleven

Unlike Kevin Cobb, JunkFoodGuy claims although it smelled like Doritos, “it did NOT taste like Doritos. Boo.” He also saw little of the glowing cheese from the advertisements and experienced an extreme salt backlash on his tongue. Unappealing and orange oil covered the plate after he tried to nuke the Doritos Loaded chips that were still cold on the inside. Apparently like most 7-Eleven experiences, one location is great and the next, an epic fail.

The price is right on track at 4 for $1.99. Cheap, crunchy, and crave-ending. Doritos and 7-Eleven reps are keeping their mouths shut about the Doritos Loaded delicacy claiming, “it’s too soon to talk about,” to Yahoo. Guess we won’t know for a bit if the cheese disease will spread.


Oil and lackluster amount of nacho cheese

I don’t know about you but I’m hoping the test period goes well. Who doesn’t want to try to the Doritos version of a mozzarella stick?


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2 Responses

  1. Msnthrp

    They are cooked from frozen, using a turbochef encore oven. They are not deep fried or just nuked. The hot holding time is 1 hour so they will always be fresh unless a particular franchisee decides to cheat and sell old dead ones, at which time 7-eleven will be able to clearly see there is an issue as they closely monitor fresh food ordering, sales, writeoffs.

    The product is quite good. It will be a success for both Frito and 7-Eleven. It is actually the largest product launch in the history of 7-Eleven so there is a ton of money you are about to see being spent on marketing this in the upcoming weeks.


  2. John Seven Eleven

    I work for 7-Eleven in middle management, and I can personally tell you this item is a total Fail with a capital “F”. As of today, September 5th, just barely over 2 months after the product launch, the company is only selling 5.5 units a day. The company goal is to average 50 units a day. We are not even close and this is with a huge company wide incentive going from August through September to win a trip for 2 to Cancun in March. I predict this item will not even be for sale in March and probably will not make it to the end of the year. Regardless of how much money we through at it or how much hype we stir up, it all comes down to “do people want to buy food” at the same place you get your international phone cards, electronic cigarettes and gas?


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