Colorful Fruttare Coconut and Strawberry Boxes

I’ve got to be honest. Many times I’ve walked past the Fruttare bars in the freezer section and never bought them. I’m not sure why. The packaging seems fun and interesting. The bars seem like they’re filled with real fruit and sugary goodness. And they’d be creamy because they have real milk. On my last visit to the super market, I decided to grab a box and fulfill my sugar craving. I was not disappointed.

Fruttare has various varieties of bars but in my opinion, the fruit and milk bars are the best. After careful deliberation, I decided on the Strawberry and Coconut bars. Honestly, they had the best packaging and I wanted to take a classically tropical “instant vacation.” Plus, bananas or peaches and milk sounds like breakfast cereal, not a tasty treat.


Fruttare Tree Style Wrapper to Convince You the Bars Have Fallen Like Real Fruit From a Tree

After cracking the cardboard, I was pleasantly surprised that the inner wrapper was extremely simplistic. Their premise is the bars are so fresh that they fall of the tree like fruit. There was a piece of bark, some leaves, and clean white space; exactly what the bar wrapper should have.

Peeling back the wrapper I saw the bars had an excellent, creamy texture; like a milkshake on a stick. I could see the thick shavings of coconut and pieces of strawberry swirled in the creamy frozen bar. In my experience, the typical fruit bar only has little tiny pieces of fruit, if there’s any fruit at all, and most of the time you get the seeds without the flesh. The Fruttare bars on the other hand, had large pieces of coconut and strawberry that made me confident there was actual, real fruit inside instead of just concentrate.


Creamy-looking bars

I bit into the strawberry bar first and hit a nice chunk of fruit. The milk and fruit together was exactly like the fully-frozen smoothie I was hoping it would be. It was velvety, rich, and not too sugary. There was a splendid ratio of fruit to milk to smoothie-style mixture. With several fruit bars I’ve had, the sugar taste is through the roof. However, the Fruttare bars had just enough sugar to feel like a treat but not enough to give you diabetes.

The coconut bar was extremely milky and rich. The combination of coconut and milk tasted more sugary than the strawberry yet still not as pungent as many other bars I’ve tasted. There were bunches of pieces of shaved coconut in every bite. The luscious creaminess of the bar was completely satisfying and subdued my sweet tooth desires.


Texture of the Fruttare Bars

Out of the two bars, I would say I enjoyed the strawberry with milk more but I would recommend both. I’m not so sure if I would go as far as classifying them as “an instant vacation,” but they did resemble fruity drinks on the beach. Maybe they’ll come up with some bars like Margarita or Daiquiri and then I’ll truly feel like I’m on vacation. If you can’t live without fruit smoothies and desire a dessert that quenches your craving, stop by the frozen section and pick up some Fruttare fruit and milk bars. Your dreams will come true.

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