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Today is the first day of golf’s most prestigious tournament, The Masters. For four days, golf’s best will play for the right to earn immortality in the sport, and to wear the famous green jacket.

What is equally famous at the Augusta National Golf Club is its tradition*. What you see above is not the menu from the 1965 tournament – it is current. Master’s Club for $2.50? When in Rome. Egg Salad or Pimento Cheese sandwich for $1.50? How can I possibly resist?  And you can wash it all down with a “Domestic Beer” (no sponsorships allowed, of course) for an extra $2.75. Not too shabby, especially when the food is good. If you’ve been to another pro sport venue recently, you know what I mean.

The only barrier to getting this smorgasbord is that you have to mortgage your house to actually get onto the course. But, if you can find a way on, there are perks.

[*Of course, tradition at Augusta National also did not allow the first African-American member until 1990, and the first woman member until last August. See how often that is mentioned by Jim Nantz, friends.]

H/t to Visit Augusta for the top shot.

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