I was actually a bit surprised to see these in the store. I guess I assumed that hemp products in general were verboten. Shows my ignorance. As it turns out we can import it, but we just can’t grow it. These seeds came from Canada. I was also greatly amused by the Ziggy Marley tie-in; Woody Harrelson must have been busy.



I wish I had picked up the plain variety rather than the Caribbean crunch, but I did not pay close enough attention at the store. Caribbean crunch would have to do. I opened up the bag and went in for the sniff test; you could smell the spices on the seed and an underlying smell of…well, it smelled a little like pot.


I poured some out to get a closer look. Thank goodness there weren’t any stems in there or I would have been bummed.


OK so they smell and look like their currently illegal cousin, but how do they taste? And will they make a good brownie?

They tasted pretty darn good. Nice and salty with a bit of a kick and a wonderful crunch. They almost pop in your mouth as you eat them. I can easily see adding these to a salad as a  topping or swirling into a soup for some added texture. I think I ate 3-4 handfuls out of the bag after my first test so they work just fine as a snack too.

Considering they are packed with protein and omega 3 and 6 they are good for you too. A solid combination.

I can’t vouch for the other flavors but Caribbean Crunch gets a solid “try it” from me.

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