Baby food has not changed much in the past couple hundred years. At its roots, it is just mashed-up or ground-up adult food. (As an aside the Tumblr page for grinder is a pretty disturbing mix of stuff.)


As my kids were growing up,we made attempts to make as much of our own baby food at home, by using a hand held grinder to process whatever it was we were eating. Frequently convenience won out and we wound up with some packaged products. When I saw this newfangled container of baby food on the shelf, I was intrigued. The idea of being able to carry something that could potentially be squirted directly into a baby’s mouth, like filling a squirming, crying cannoli, was pretty cool. I scanned the shelves for a flavor that struck me as odd.  Pasta and Lentil Bolognese fit the bill.


Considering Bolognese sauce is pretty much the definition of a meat sauce, I was a bit confused by this version. Sadly I could not find one that contained those disturbing little baby meat sticks.




I had every intention of squeezing this stuff into my mouth right from the tube, but I had to give it a look and a sniff test first. The smell was pretty bad, no worse than any other baby food out there, but still bad. Squirting it into a bowl was a mistake, the results looked very much like a small dog wandered into my kitchen and left me a present.



I grabbed the packet, leaned back and squeezed some into my mouth. The tomato paste was the first thing I tasted; it was very acidic and sharp. The pasta and lentil flavor was just muted mush.  I get that baby food isn’t supposed to have a strong flavor, but somehow overly-acidic mush, with a hint of dog food, does not seem like a good alternative. I get what they are trying to do, but this just doesn’t work.

You, and your babies, don’t need to try this one.

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  1. Megg

    Really? Sprout’s pasta with lentil bolognese is my son’s favorite flavor (has been since 12 months old, now 2 1/2). It has 3g of protein and he loves to dip his lunch in it. He’s a picky eater, so this has been a blessing. I didn’t find the taste poor at all — I actually resorted to having some (over mashed potatoes) when I recently had my wisdom teeth out. I wouldn’t give this one such a poor review.

    Every pouch with a squeeze top that is of a certain color is going to look like a small dog deposited a present in your kitchen. Mix it up. It does have that tomato pasted tinge, but I found that mild.


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