Christmas Eve is a pretty big deal in my house. With all the delicious food around I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to find anything to write about. Suddenly,there it was, staring right at me as I pulled my delicious striped bass from the oven.


In the midst of a delicious feast it was time to get to work. I have apparently turned into some kind of pretentious eyeball eating expert over the course of the last few months. I guess once you eat a pig eyeball, all other eyeballs are just a walk in the park. There is a bit of an art to cutting away the inedible hard parts around the eye in order to get to the bits that are actually edible.

I had a bit of a struggle preparing this one to eat, I ruptured something and I had to get to it quickly before it got any more disgusting.

As a result you can hear the slurping sound as I had to suck out the insides rather than chew on the harder eye socket. Honestly the first taste was pretty good, i’m a bit disappointed that I bit down to find the really odd, hard center of the eye, or at least I assume it was the center. There was a rich, fishy, briny flavor that I was really liking. Well I liked it until I bit down on the disgusting chalky hard interior. I really could not bring myself to swallow it. It was getting stuck in my molars like a horrible fish jolly rancher.

I think maybe a smaller eye would be much better as I am guessing it would not have as much of a hard middle, or maybe you are just supposed to slurp out the tasty fish jelly without biting down. Sometimes when you go into a tasting blind your technique can be flawed.

This one goes into the category of “you don’t have to” but I truly did like initial flavor, the texture just killed it for me.

Merry Christmas all, may none of your presents be eyeballs.



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  1. Chris H

    I always remembered, back to 5th grade science class dissection, that most fish have a hard small marble-like ball in their eye. I’m sorry you found it!


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