I know, I know, “who the heck has to try that” you say.  Apparently it’s a thing that people really enjoy. From salted caramel everything to good old fashioned kettle corn, sweet and savory is a blend that people are talking about. And if people are talking about something weird and oddly popular then I guess I should eat it. I got conflicting reports on whether I should use kosher dills or bread and butter pickles. The contents of my fridge dictated that I went with kosher dill.


I figured 1/2 a sandwich would be plenty


I tried to balance the PB to P ratio pretty closely. I figured the pickle would be pretty overpowering and wanted to ensure the peanut butter got a fair shake.

Nothing to do with this tasting but jump right in so I did. The first bite was overwhelmingly pickle and bread, I smeared some more pb on and took another bite.


This one was much more balanced and really quite good. It was a great combination of salty, vinegary and sweet. I plowed through the entire 1/2 sandwich and then smeared some peanut butter directly on the remaining pickle slices that I had to finish up. My 6 year old daughter was intrigued enough that she asked me to try a bite. She loved it as well and asked me for 1/2 sandwich of her very own.


Suffice it to say my household just became a 50/50 split between PB and P eaters and people who won’t even try it. Clearly I think they should though.

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5 Responses

  1. Winelover

    The one you need to try is one that was my Dad’s fave – Peanut Butter, Pickle, Salami and Onion. It is actually quite tasty! I’m pretty sure his was probably made with Bread and Butter Pickles or Hamburger Dills rather than Kosher. But they would probably all work.

  2. Fellow Wierd Foodie

    If you are going to try strange “Dad” foods, give this one a shot. Nilla Wafers and Butter….not peanut butter, BUTTER.

  3. ArtoriusRex

    I used to eat peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches all the time as a kid. It’d be awesome with a bread & butter pickle.

    Sounds like it might be time to resurrect the practice.

  4. Mark

    Nilla wafers might be a bit sweet for my tastes but I may have to give that a shot. Saltines and butter were a favorite of mine as a kid.

  5. Skylar

    I read in a book once that a character’s favorite sandwich was PB and olives. I had to try it. The right ratio is pretty delicious! My mom used to butter saltines and add a marshmallow, pop it in the microwave for a few. It’s not bad but not my favorite.


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