Last time we talked about Jack in the Box was when I gave the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich a try a couple of months back. If you’ll recall, I found it to be quite delicious. It also incorporated the two best things about JITB: 1) Their delectable breakfast offerings, which include real fried eggs, and 2) They serve breakfast all day. I once again took advantage of those by testing out the new Loaded Breakfast Sandwich one afternoon this week.

Jack’s new offering features grilled sourdough bread with two fried eggs, two slices of American cheese, bacon, ham and sausage. All of your breakfast porks, plus two eggs, cheese, and toast…no one could mess that up. Not even Burger King (well, maybe) – ZING! – but especially not JITB. Needless to say, I had high hopes.


Of course, if there’s one problem with a sandwich like this it’s the nutritional value, or lack thereof. Breakfast porks are salty and these are no different – the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich has 1691 mg of sodium, about two-thirds of the recommended daily intake. It’s also quite high in fat and cholesterol.

However, what little concern I have for my health once again fell by the wayside as I took the salty plunge into the porcine depths of the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. My local Jack is slinging them for $3.19, and I had a $1 off coupon, so it cost me $2.37 with tax. The best part was that this happened at about 2 PM; there’s nothing I enjoy more than eating breakfast in the PM. It feels so right.

Anyway, I got this bad boy home and checked under the hood. It was all there; nothing more, nothing less. Its appearance was unremarkable. The flavor, however, was very remarkable.

It was as delicious as a sandwich featuring these ingredients should be. All components made significant contributions in the flavor department, although none stood out as dominant. There really isn’t much more to say than that. Everything tasted as one would expect. The bacon was bacon-y, the ham was hammy, the sausage was sausage-y, the eggs were eggy (more than you can say about a lot of fast food eggs), the cheese was cheesy and the toasted sourdough was bready and toasty and even a little buttery.

The only thing I’ll mention is that the metric fuck-ton of sodium was noticeable, and did take away from the sandwich a tiny bit. However, I still thought it was totes delish and I would definitely get it again. In fact, if the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich sticks around on the menu it may replace the sausage croissant as my go-to breakfast sandwich at JITB.

This sandwich is an 8.75/10, and I definitely recommend giving it a try if you get a chance. Provided, of course, that you would rather have delicious food than healthy food. Otherwise, why are you even reading this? So you can look upon me with your healthful scorn and organic, hippie disdain and write a snide comment about how it’s no wonder Americans are so damn fat? Well I still won’t care. No can dosville, baby doll. No can do…sville.

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  1. Jimbo Gastro

    I decided to try a Loaded Breakfast Sandwich for the Hell of it about a month ago. It’s now my favorite Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich. AND – I always order (2) at a time. LOL. Something’s gotta kill ya’ sooner or later. And the dangers of food like this…are greatly overrated. Unless you’re downing this stuff 6 – 7 days a week, 2 – 3 meals a day.

    Great blog.

  2. Tracy G

    This sandwich is no longer on the displayed menu (for a year now) but if you ask for it they will make you one. It helps, after you say “Loaded Breakfast Sandwich” and they pause 20 seconds looking at their screen, then they say “What number is that?” You say “It doesn’t have a number, BUT it _IS_ on your computer there somewhere”…. at least around here they will fix you one. I’ve tried this at 6 locations in the Houston area, and it works.

    I assume it is because it’s contents are all on other breakfast items, and so it is still available, just not advertised.


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