It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. Today’s question comes from So Good contributor Mark: when you take a bite out of an apple, where do you bite from?

In Mark’s words:

“I was watching Iron Chef America the other night and the chairman takes a bite out of an apple as a part of the opening credits. When he does he takes a bite right from the top of the apple, rather than from the side. I found myself saying who the hell bites an apple that way. And then I realized that maybe a lot of people do and I’m the crazy one who must eat an apple sideways.”

So Iron Chef bites his apple from the top. Mark bites his apple from the side. And from the looks of it, Snow White bites her apple from the side, but vertically (this doesn’t seem very feasible to me, but hey, she makes bank on MacBook decals so who am I to talk?).

How do you bite your apple, So Good readers? Choose your favorite option below and explain in the comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Andy

    I enjoy the original Iron Chef series opening much more, as the bat shit crazy chairman takes an exaggerated chomp out of a bell pepper.

  2. Eick

    Oooooo interesting! Conflicting evidence! I would agree with Mark that the video he links to is a very clear straight from the top bite. But in Mike’s video while it LOOKS like he’s going to bite it vertically, he spins it to the side at the last minute.


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