The term “Techno Tuna” is a relatively new one. Its been recently coined to describe the process of applying  carbon monoxide to fish, achieving the desired effects of delaying deterioration and retaining a “fresh off the boat” glow, longer.

If you’re getting a case of deja gross, it’s probably because this type of “shelf life extension via chemicals” sounds so similar to the “Pink Slime” beef scandal that came to a head earlier this year.

As So Good has reported previously, the commercial sushi industry is a far cry from the honored tradition it originates from. One of cost cutting, low grade slight of hand in the name of mass production to feed an ever growing, seemingly insatiable demand by consumers.

Hit up this link via ABC4 in Salt Lake City for a report on the plethora of “Techno Tuna” being offered in restaurants and grocery stores and more importantly, how to spot it.


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