One of my favorite part about road trips (and life in general) is getting to stop at a diner for breakfast. It’s always the same experience: the thick, heady smell of coffee and syrup, passive-aggressive waiters, the sun pointing directly into your eyes, a plate piled high with sausage, eggs, toast, bacon and pancakes, and subsequent gut bomb from way too much sugar eaten way too early….I love it.

There are two main ways people eat diner breakfasts – they either eat all the ingredients separately or build mini-sandwiches with the toast. Do you like building mini-sandwiches? Or are you a breakfast ingredient purist? Do you combine your breakfast in other small strange ways like putting eggs on your french toast, or dipping your hash browns in syrup? Vote for your favorite breakfast-eating option below, and explain in the comments!

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  1. Smokin'

    Mini Sandwiches all the way. every bite of eggs needs a bit of toast or hash browns to complement it. Bacon is great too. And coffee. And I let the kids eat a sugar packet or two.


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