One of the most famous brands in US history had a rough week last week. In case you haven’t heard, Twinkies, and parent company Hostess, declared bankruptcy last Wednesday – for the second time – and are inching closer to the abyss of extinction.

Yes, the golden sponge cake with a creamy vanilla filling could soon vanish from a convenience store shelf near you. Despite the Twinkie being everything I usually stand against when it comes to food – highly-processed, pure sugar, loaded with saturated fat – this is kind of an American tragedy.

I’m not sure how this tasty treat has fallen out of favor, but sales are down, and the company is in debt to the tune of $1.4 billion. And yes, that’s a big Twinkie.

I’m not sure how things got this bad. The Twinkie is everything that Americans love most about their snack food: cheap, sweet, and loaded with nostalgia.

For many, the Twinkie will be forever ingrained in our consciousness due to prominent placement on film and TV.

Remember Egon and Winston? Remember Sgt. Al Powell? How about Twinkie the Kid? Or even Archie Bunker (if I want to skew old)?

I am hopeful that someone will swoop in and save this cultural institution, because after the recent loss of Dublin Dr. Pepper, I am worried about where this country is going.

Would you miss the Twinkie? What is your fondest recollection of this slice of Americana?

H/t to the Paltry Sapien for the Twinkie shot. How about a tribute?

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  1. Kevin Healer

    You can’t apply for bankruptcy. You are either bankrupt or you aren’t. They applied for bankruptcy PROTECTION. This is a common practice when you need to sort out financial affairs. This does not necessarily mean they will be going out of business. You need to learn major differences like this if you wish to succeed in journalism.


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