It’s amazing how one word can encompass so many facets of an entire meat-eating tradition. At its core, barbecue means cooking meat over the hot smoke of a fire. From there, it can refer to anything from the process by which the meat is cooked to the type of wood used in the fire.

For today’s poll, we’re focusing on what most of us associate chiefly with barbecue: the sauce.

What’s your favorite style of barbecue sauce, So Good readers? Below are some of the main options, separate out by area of the US they’re associate with and a description. If your favorite isn’t there, choose “Other” and explain in the comments!

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H/T to Here There and Everywhere for the picture and Serious Eats for the barbecue sauce styles.

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5 Responses

  1. Lady Callahan

    My choice was Missouri, Steven Raichlen had an amazing St. Louis sauce that I like on ribs, chops, etc. But for pulled pork nothing other than North Carolina will do for me.

  2. Jess

    Georgia Mustard? Oh please, it’s Carolina Mustard Sauce.

    That and vinegar sauce are the two best.

  3. zrockers

    I’m a minimalist kind of guy, but I think it’s worth noting that if I were to choose a sauce, I like it to be on the side with a serious amount of heat to it.

  4. Cynthia

    Really good barbeque doesn’t need anything, so I have to vote Texas, but…. sometimes I do like a bit of the Missouri, with a dash of vinegar thrown in.


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