After reading the wonderful post from our friends at The Bitten Word, documenting food highlights from a two-week trip to China (!), I started thinking about some of the weirder food experiences I have had.

True, I have had all kinds of sushi – octopus, urchin, eel, and many others – but that’s all pretty tame stuff these days. My strangest encounter was probably in Jeju, South Korea a few years back, when I had a mystery appetizer that I later found out was aloe meat. The small filet was translucent, slimy, room temperature, and almost impossible to get down. Without knowing what it was, my imagination ran wild about what it could be, and did not help the ease of my attempted swallow.

That said, what strange food experiences have you had? Foreign countries? Mystery meat diner parties? Triple-dog dares? Game shows with Joe Rogan? Please share in the comments section, and your colleagues will judge how brave you are.

[Now, time to ask the boss about that So Good travel expense account…]

H/t to Pineapple fish for the Beijing bugs on sticks.

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  1. ClassixLuver

    Over the summer, I was helping out with my church’s VBS, and one day I was eating lunch with the kids and one of them gave me his single-serving can of peaches. I opened it (mine had been good and I was still hungry) and it was COMPLETELY. ROTTEN.
    Instead of like yellow cubes in clear liquid, there was a mass of grey-green squares sitting high and dry with some grey liquid at the bottom.
    I threw it down on the table, and the kid I had gotten it from opened it all the way, and a drop of the grey liquid landed on his plate and warranted the discarding of a whole plate of food. A horrible moldy smell filled the room, and one of the kids almost threw up.
    The only place these went waas in the garbage.

  2. ClassixLuver

    Also, about a month ago, one of my friends brough in what was basically a big bowl of jello and candy to lunch. His science class had to do cell diagram projects, and he made his out of jello and candy, but it had pretty much disintegrated over the course of the day, and for some reason he made the jello wrong.
    So, he ate like half of the thing and allowed me to try some, and it was pretty good although it looked disgusting.


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