Americans love cheese; there’s no disputing that. We put it in and on everything we can. It makes things taste better. It’s like bacon in that way, but bacon gets more hype. We also like to put foods inside of each other, because we think two great things equal an even greater thing. So Domino’s Cheesy Bread just doesn’t cut it anymore. Bread with cheese on it, how boring is that?


In a new attempt to kill us satisfy our demand for cheese and things inside of things, Domino’s now has Stuffed Cheesy Bread. The new cheesy bread is just like the old, except with things inside of it. There are three new ways to increase your cholesterol: Cheese Only, Bacon and Jalapeno, and Spinach and Feta. Each one costs $5.99. I’ll take three!

I decided that it would be best to get multiple sets of taste buds to try these new flavors, so I got together with a few friends to do some tasting, a la Sam’s Artisan Pizza Review. Each box included eight pieces of Stuffed Cheesy Bread, and one cup of marinara dipping sauce. It looks like a calzone with cheese on top, which, when you think about it, is exactly what it is. On to the tasting.


Cheese Only

This one is exactly what it sounds like: there’s just cheese inside. I started with an end piece, which was a mistake, because it was just dough. The cheese didn’t make it to the ends. For a more accurate picture of what Stuffed Cheesy Bread is, you must eat the 6 middle pieces. So now instead of 8 pieces for 6 bucks, you’re getting just six. I pulled off a piece, hoping it would be like the commercial when they take one and the melty cheese stretches, unable to decide whether it should stay or go, because it is incapable of making decisions being that it is an inanimate object. That did not happen.


The overall feeling was that it lacked flavor. It’s a lot of dough and some cheese. Supposedly there’s some sort of garlic seasoning, but I didn’t taste it at all. It probably would have been much better with said seasoning. I dipped it in the marinara sauce, which improved it somewhat, but at that point you’re really just having pizza.

Bacon and Jalapeño

This one was the overall winner. They did not skimp on the jalapenos, each piece having a couple slices. There was also plenty of bacon, although some thought it was more like ham than bacon.


The reason we liked this variety best was because it had the most flavor. After the lack of pizazz in the Cheese Only, this provided a good pop. As I already mentioned, bacon makes everything better. The jalapenos had a good bit of heat, but it wasn’t so much that you were unable to taste anything else. They also had a nice crunch, adding a good textural element. The marinara sauce was necessary for my weak palate, as it neutralized the jalapenos somewhat. I dare say we actually liked this flavor.

Spinach and Feta

Personally, I was not all that excited to try this one. I can’t say I care much for spinach or feta. But for your sake, So Good reader, I pressed forward. There was a good bit of spinach inside, at least one leaf in each piece. The feta, however, was not so easy to find. My piece had three tiny crumbles, from what I could see. The overall flavor was very mild. The spinach didn’t really come through at all, but I kind of liked what the feta added. It was a subtle but sharp flavor tone. One person got a large chunk of feta in theirs, and was put off by the saltiness. The general feeling about this variety was not a great one, but I thought it was decent.


In all, this is a decent offering from Domino’s. Stuffed Cheesy Bread is really just a calzone with less stuff inside. It won’t blow you away, but as long as you stay away from the Cheese Only, you might enjoy it. I think this product would benefit greatly from some seasoning, possibly of the garlic variety. If you can handle the heat, Bacon and Jalapeno is for you. If not, give Spinach and Feta a go.

What do you think? Have you tried it? Will you?

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  1. Smile

    Even though it wasn’t a favorite, that cheese only looks pretty darn good to me! However, just thinking about any of these cheesy delicacies makes my lactose-sensitive body cringe with pain. D:

  2. Zed

    You say you didn’t taste the garlic seasoning but I can see it in the picture provided.

    What the fuck is wrong with your taste buds?

  3. Sam

    “…unable to decide whether it should stay or go, because it is incapable of making decisions being that it is an inanimate object.”

    Ha ha this is marvelous! And you made a good point when you said dipping cheesy bread in marinara is basically just having pizza. Except I feel like pizza sauce tastes different than marinara – more herby, less sweet.

  4. mike

    The worst shit I ever ate in my life. Domino’s u need to step your game up little caesars is better o nd Fuck Zed nd Sean

  5. PT

    Tried it. Didn’t like it. Mike’s right–Little Caesar’s is still better–and the best–in my opinion. They should have added some seasoning to the cheese.

  6. fuck dominos

    shit is gross. old cheesy bread was good i like bread with a lil cheese not pounds of fake cheeses on a lil bit of soggy ass doe. why the fuk dont they make the regular anymore?

  7. Mike

    I agree with “FD” I just tried the “New” cheesy plain cheesy bread and sucks. Too much cheese with no flavor, it was like eating playdo…The original cheesy bread was good . Why not give customers the option of choosing between the Old and New versions.


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