In another addition to its unique, ever-changing Sonic drive-in menu, they recently released its new Toaster Melts. The two new burgers/sandwiches are the Bacon Cheddar and the Mushroom Swiss. The regular size will cost you $3.49, and a junior size is offered as well, for $1.99.

Show your taste buds what they’ve been missing. Try our all-new Bacon Cheddar TOASTER MELT on Texas Toast. Grilled onions, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and hickory BBQ sauce stacked high on a 100% pure beef patty.

Take on the savory Mushroom Swiss TOASTER MELT. Two golden slices of Texas Toast on a 100% pure beef patty loaded with grilled onions, sautéed portobello mushrooms, mayo and Swiss cheese. It’s the best thing since toasted bread.

For the purposes of my review, I went with the dynamic duo of Bacon Cheddar. Upon inspection, I found a couple of jalepeños hidden inside. I double-checked the website to see if that was listed as an ingredient. It was not. I also found the Texas Toast to be very soft, and barely toasted. That there was only one piece of bacon was disappointing as well.

The main problem with this burger is the Texas toast. The bread-to-meat ratio is ridiculous. There may as well not have been any beef at all, because I couldn’t taste it. The other thing about the toast is that it was quite soggy. If it had been toasted more, it wouldn’t have soaked up so much sauce, and the added crunch would have been nice. The fact that Sonic uses foil wrappers didn’t help that either. As a whole, it kind of tasted like the McRib, due to the barbecue sauce-pickles-onions combo. The jalapeños added quite a bit of heat, as you might expect. For me, the best parts were the bacon and cheese because, well, bacon and cheese.

In the end, I came away disappointed. Texas toast is not suited for burgers or sandwiches. My taste buds are not suited for jalapeños. Yet another dud.

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  1. Confucius Jackson

    Sonic’s burgers are basically meh. Their Texas toast, however, is very good when used to order a grilled cheese sandwich (toast well done) for $1. I’ve pondered ordering one with grilled onions, but I’ve always felt that would confuse the average Sonic employee.

  2. James

    Man You really need to stop going to that sonic because they are horrible. they are just making the rest of sonics look bad. You should come to Biloxi, MS and I will show you how a real Bacon Ched Toaster Melt taste like.

  3. Mysteria

    WOOWW!!! that burger looks terrible. Our Sonic would have made that way better and would not have been confused by grilled onions on a grilled cheese.


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