Summer is in full swing, and fast food chains all over the country are rolling out their “special” seasonal menu items. The Angus Cool Deli Sandwich, which also comes in a whole grain wrap, is Arby’s contribution to the smorgasbord. Keep reading, there may be a $20 Arby’s gift card in it for you…

This is what the sandwich looked like in the press release:

…and this is what it looked like in real life:

Not too different – so far, so good. Although I do feel a little threatened by that hunk of roast beef lurking in the background of the top picture. Back off, buddy.

Anyway, this is how Arby’s describes their sandwich:

Inspired by classic sandwich shop subs, the Angus Cool Deli sandwich is lean Angus Beef served cool. Topped with crisp lettuce, tomato, red onion, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, dressed in vinaigrette and popping with banana peppers and pickles.

Indeed, eating the classic sub-shaped bread/meat/vegetable combo felt virtually identical to eating at Subway.

The bun was nicely toasted and provided a nice wheatey nest within which the roast beef could expel its flavor. The roast beef was smoky and rich – a little better quality than your typical Arby’s roast beef, or your average Subway roast beef for that matter. The meat was a little dry, but the mayo offset that nicely.

The lettuce, tomato and onion were of the typical fast food caliber – weak and relatively tasteless, but not unpleasant. As far as vegetables go, pickles and banana peppers were the real winners. The combination of bright banana peppers and savory roast beef is truly one of the holiest deli sandwich pairings out there, and I’m glad Arby’s can recognize this.

So sad for the swiss cheese – the Angus Cool Deli Sandwich added yet another chapter to a lifetime of irrelevancy for this bland caseus formatus. The strength of the roast beef and banana peppers all but overpowered it. And I kept wishing it were melted, then had to keep reminding myself this was a cool deli sandwich. But seriously, it would be so much better if it were melted.

As far as price goes, at $4.99, it’s a little cheaper than Subway, but the sandwich is a little smaller, too.

Overall, I would say the roast beef, the bread and the banana peppers render this sandwich a success. But you might as well go to Subway and get to choose your own toppings.

For a chance to win a $20 Arby’s gift card, leave a comment letting us know an item on Arby’s menu you love, like or absolutely despise and why. We’ll pick one of the comments at random to win!

Update: A winner of the gift card has been chosen. Congrats to Jenny Loveridge!

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28 Responses

  1. David

    Jamoca shakes are pretty bomb!!! As are the curly fries. GImme some Arby’s love!!!!

  2. Kaylin

    A regular Arby’s roast beef sandwich with plenty of Arby’s sauce. But the jamocha shakes are definitely a close second!

  3. Shannon

    My favorites at Arby’s are the curly fries and roast chicken sandwiches.

  4. Julien

    I could survive on Jamocha shakes. Well, maybe I use a loose interpretation of survival.

  5. Jenny Loveridge

    I love their horsey sauce, so it doesn’t matter what I order – I slather it in the horseradish goodness!

  6. Adam

    Man, I love the Jr. Ham and Cheddar melt. That cheese sauce is so good in such a cheap and artificial way, words fail to convene my excitment – not to mention the image of my ooey-gooey yellow face – when I eat it. Would love to win this coupon

  7. Carly

    Nothing beats there Curly Fries in ketchup! I mean, where else do you get fries shaped like this? 🙂

  8. Casie Gebhart

    My favorite menu item has always been the Beef n’ Cheddar! It’s a classic. If I’m ordering one of these, I can skip the fries! 🙂

  9. Roxanne Sterr

    I just tried the Angus cool deli sandwich today and it was great. Curly fries are always a treat! Just means running an extra mile and a half to get rid of the guilt.


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