I recently came across one of Yahoo’s properties called Shine (another portal for women – and couldn’t the world use one more of those) because of an article about the 10 worst food trends in a restaurant near you. 

Food critic Jonathan Gold made the list, and I agree with many.

#1: “Changes and Modifications Politely Declined” – I always thought this italicized menu disclaimer was absurdly pompous and preposterous.  If you are paying for the dinner, you should be able to get it how you want it – within reason.  I understand that the chef might feel that all the flavors/textures work well together, but if I don’t like cilantro, just take it off.

#3: Untranslated menus – Yes, your Ris de veau selon l’humeur might be the best in town, but could you give me a slight hint about a key ingredient or two?  If not, what is the purpose of having a menu to begin with?

#4: $5 tap water – I have long been mystified by the average consumer’s tolerance to spend absurd amounts of money on bottled water such as Fiji, Evian, etc. Where did this trend come from?  Possibly the restaurant scene, which has been able to somehow charge for free tap water for some time now.  Trickledown effect? –  maybe so…

#10: Better living through chemistry/molecular gastronomy – regular food + liquid nitrogen.  Enough said.

Others?  How about the national bacon craze? Or the cupcakes and donuts that have jumped the shark?

What food trends do you think are the pits?

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4 Responses

  1. Rodzilla

    I think trying to encompass all avante garde cooking in #10 was a mistake. Even at El Bulli – likely the premier example of the style, the focus is first on taste.

  2. JT

    But is the taste good?

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should after the novelty has worn off.

  3. Rick

    I went to a restaurant in Puerto Rico a couple of years back and they only had Fiji water table service. And, come to think of it, they charged at least $5 for it. In the end, though, they had this white bean truffle soup that made me forget about maxing out my credit cards by walking in. That’s where they get ya.

  4. Daisy

    UNTRANSLATED MENUS ARE OBNOXIOUS. I sometimes don’t understand the restaurant industry, the service sector at least. The last thing you need is someone having a severe allergic reaction to shellfish because they couldn’t read the Sanskrit on your menu…


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