Another post about cupcakes, you ask? Why, yes, but not in an “oh, I love them all” kind of way this time. Now I dig a good cupcake as much as the next hipster, despite the protest of one So Good blogger. That said, someone needs to draw a line in the sand. Vanilla icing, vanilla cake, fine. Same for Chocolate. Pumpkin Pie and “Elvis” cupcakes… well, I suppose, if you must. But where this cupcake “thing” has gone horribly off track is when some crazies, in need to push an envelope that did not need pushing, made savory cupcakes. Exhibit A – the BLT cupcake from More Cupcakes in Chicago:

This crosses the line on so many levels, the biggest of which is the ranch dressing “frosting.” One word: gross. The bacon “cake” is really unappealing as well, and that is coming from a bacon early adopter – way before the recent craze. Check out those post-bite chunks… barf.

Are you with me? Am I just a cupcake prude? Show me your wrath, cupcake lovers!

Thanks to We are not Martha and Flickr user palit9 via CTTC for the photos.

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