When I saw the above photo on BuzzFeed, I was jolted by two things. First, that KFC has donated to a diabetes charity by selling liquid sugar. Maybe not the best idea. What I found more compelling is that they are selling something called a Mega-Jug. In fact, the sign says “complete your meal with a mega-jug.” What boggles my mind is that the recommendation might be hard to do considering the beverage itself is 64 ounces (1/2 gallon). This is twice the size of an average adult’s stomach capacity (thank you Trenta research).

Good luck getting that double-down into your gullet with your tubes backed up with enough soda to keep a water park in business.

Is this the biggest drink on the market?  Probably not.  I’m sure someone else is currently developing a barrel of pop with a garden hose as a straw.

The lesson here? Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. I don’t care what the Facebook fan group says. Think of the kids!

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  1. Rick

    I am almost positive that this is not a recent campaign, or does not exist. A web search doesn’t turn up anything relevant over the first 20 hits, KFC is a lampoonable target for something like this given its track record (double down?), and the juxtaposition between consuming a half gallon of cola and diabetes research is ridiculous. The KFC website does not have a nutritional listing for this menu item.

  2. JT

    I saw the Mega Jug enough online to give it the benefit of doubt. As for KFC being an easy target… yes indeed.

  3. JT

    So sorry to have missed that one. I could have used that jug as a wading pool.

  4. Jim

    KFC is doing what Carl’s Junior has already embraced…. “You know it’s bad for you, so who cares if it is really bad for you?”

  5. jessica

    This jug isn’t new at all. They have this in northern MN for years. It’s not meant to go with any SINGLE serving meal. It’s meant to go with the family meals. So say, you want to go for a picnic with the fam with a 10piece meal, you get your sides, biscuits, and add on a jug of soda. You usually get extra cups with it. It’s no different than adding a 2L of soda to your pizza order.


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