Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Cheez-Its (56%) defeat Ritz (44%), Goldfish (59%) over Wheat Thins (41%), Tostitos (54%) edges Chex Mix (46%) and Doritos (65%) beats Cheetos (35%). On Thursday at 12 pm, Cheez-Its will face off against Goldfish and Tostitos will face off against Doritos to see who will represent the Cracker and Misc. Snacks brackets in the Final Four!

This week, sixteen snacks become a final four. We just wrapped some interesting voting in the Cookie & Potato Chip brackets. Now its on to match-ups in the Cracker and Misc. Snacks Brackets. Voting goes from 12 pm Tuesday to 12 pm Wednesday. Click the bracket below to see all of the match-ups and the margin of victory for each vote so far.

Remember, you are simply voting for the snacks you think deserve to advance. You can base your vote on taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors, childhood memories, nutrition – whatever you deem “most important” in choosing a snack you like.

Today’s match-ups in the Cracker bracket are:

Today’s match-ups in the Misc. Snacks bracket are:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think will make the final four?

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[poll id=”210″]

[poll id=”211″]

[poll id=”212″]

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