Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.  Ritz (69%) over Barnum’s Animal (31%), Cheez-Its (63%) defeat Triscuits (37%), Wheat Thins (63%) beats Honeymaid (37%) & Goldfish (77%) trounces Premium Saltines (23%).

What a wild day 24 hours of voting in the 2nd round potato chip match-ups! There were some very close battles. Today should also deliver some very intriguing match-ups in the Cracker bracket 2nd round match-ups. Voting is open from 12 pm today to 12 pm Friday. Remember you are voting for the snack you think is BEST and deserves to win its match-up. You can use whatever criteria you want (taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors etc.) to determine that. If you aren’t hip yet to Snack Madness, read our intro post here, and click the updated bracket below to see our seeds, contenders and first round winners.

Today’s match-ups are:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think can run the bracket and make the final four? Any potential upsets? Share your thoughts in the comments after you vote.

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